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Tim McGraw Gushes After Seeing First Alabama Concert, Performs ‘Lady Down on Love’ with the Band

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images)

If you’ve been fortunate enough to watch one of your favorite bands live, you remember it. There’s no way any of us could forget the excitement of the show. In fact, some would go so far as to say it’s a spiritual experience. Some people are lucky enough to have that experience in their youth. Others have to wait until their grown and established in their career. The latter was the case for Tim McGraw last weekend. His wait paid off in a big way, though. He didn’t just get to see Alabama live. The band invited McGraw up on stage with them to sing, “Lady Down on Love.” He shared that experience with his Twitter followers on Sunday.

The tweet contains a video that first shows Tim McGraw excitedly talking about seeing Alabama for the first time. Then, it cuts to a clip of him on stage with the band as they wrapped up, “Lady Down on Love.” Check out the video below.

In the video, Tim McGraw points out that it had been 482 days since someone played Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. Alabama was the first band to play the venue since COVID closed it down. So, it was the first show back for Bridgestone Arena. At the same time, it was the first 2021 date of Alabama’s 50th-anniversary tour. It was also McGraw’s first time seeing the band live and his excitement was obvious. Before the video cuts to their epic performance, McGraw gushes a little about the band. He says that he knows every song from every album and could probably do their whole set. It seems like he had been preparing for that moment since he was a kid.

If you thought he looked excited talking about going on stage with Alabama, just wait until you see him on the stage. You can tell he’s living a dream.

‘Lady Down on Love’ the Song Tim McGraw Sang with Alabama

Tim McGraw got to sing “Lady Down on Love,” with Alabama. In a reply to his original tweet, McGraw said that he remembers the song going to the top of the chart when he was in high school. This made his performance with Alabama even bigger for him. In fact, he called it a full-circle moment that he would never forget.

Randy Owen penned the song and the band released it in August of 1983. It went to the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It also made the top 20 in the Adult Contemporary chart. The lyrics tell the tale of a divorce and the former bride’s first night out on the town after it. The thing that makes the song interesting is that it tells the story from both perspectives. The first verse is from her point of view and the second is from her ex-husband’s.

It probably wouldn’t have mattered which song Tim McGraw sang with the band. He still would have looked like a kid on Christmas morning while sharing the stage with Alabama.