Tim McGraw Loves Taking ‘Griswold’ Style Road Trips in His 15-Year-Old Escalade

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Frederick Breedon IV/Getty Images for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum)

Country music superstar Tim McGraw and his wife, fellow country music icon Faith Hill can more than likely go anywhere they would want to go. And, the famous couple most certainly has the resources to choose pretty much any mode of transportation to get there, as well. But, the preferred mode of transportation for the couple is a fifteen-year-old family vehicle…and their ideal vacation? A “Griswold” style road trip, of course!

Tim McGraw and his family may not be heading to Wally World like Chevy Chase and his brood were in the cult-classic family vacation film National Lampoons Vacation. However, the 1883 star and his own brood certainly enjoy their road trips. They even have their favorite routes all mapped out.

“I’ve got a 15-year-old Cadillac Escalade that I love,” Tim McGraw says in a recent interview.

“It’s like my Griswold family cruiser,” the 7500 OBO singer continues.

“I just love that car,” the country-music icon adds.

“We’ll do the southern route and go to LA and then go up to Northern California and then take the northern route back,” he says. “We really enjoyed it.”

The McGraws Enjoy Piling In the Car and Hitting the Open Road and They Always Make It A Family Affair

These long “Griswold style” car trips Tim McGraw and Faith Hill take together are always centered around family, the country singer has said. The couple’s oldest daughter, Gracie is located in Los Angeles. Furthermore, the couple’s middle daughter, Maggie, is on the other end of the state attending Stanford in Northern California. So, these car trips are planned out perfectly to visit each one of the McGraw kids.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are often joined by their youngest daughter, Audrey, on these car trips, traveling across the Golden State in McGraw’s fifteen-year-old Escalade.

“We don’t want to fly,” McGraw explains in an interview with Live With Kelly and Ryan.

“We don’t want to do all of that,” the I Like It, I Love It singer adds.

Even When Hitting the Road, the ‘1883 Star Keeps Up With A Regular Fitness Plan

Between his massively successful music career; the resulting tours; his family life, and now his television stardom, Tim McGraw doesn’t seem to have a lot of downtime these days. However, this doesn’t stop the 1883 star from keeping up with his regular workout routine and regimented diet.

“There’s such a feeling of accomplishment that comes from the feeling of being my age and still being at the top of my game,” McGraw explains in a conversation with Men’s Health.

In fact, the country music icon notes, these regular workouts have positive impacts on his life as a whole. From staying in shape for his family – and family road trips, of course – to having energy while performing on stage, the workouts help in all facets of McGraw’s life.

“It just started my day out better,” the singer explains.

“I just realized how much it raised the bar on everything that I did,” McGraw adds. “It raised the bar on my career. It raised the bar on my relationships with my friends.”