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Tim McGraw Opens Up About Always Putting His Family First

by Jacklyn Krol
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Tim McGraw made sure to keep his family as the number one priority throughout his music career.

Tim and Faith have been married for 25 years it’s no secret that they’ve been able to maintain careers and family life. The couple was able to find a good balance of working while keeping family at the top of their list. The pair have three now-adult children: Gracie, Audrey, and Maggie. Even when there are awesome offers on the table, their trio of kids comes first.

At a Glance

  • Tim spoke about his relationship with his wife
  • He revealed that they planned to start a family and put their kids first
  • He shared how they made it all work with their careers and children

“Our careers were really well established when we got married,” he said of him and Faith. “Our careers were up and running really hard. So, we made a conscious decision when we got married that no matter what, if we were gonna start a family, that that was gonna be our first priority and everything else was gonna sort of find its place, for better or worse. For our careers better or worse.”

He added, “That’s always been our core understanding and our core principle, is putting our family first. And I think that that’s paid off in our kids and their lives and how we’ve given them as much of a normal life as we can in the situation that they’re in.”

Tim McGraw and His Humble Beginnings

Tim McGraw wasn’t an overnight success. He had to work hard at his craft before he could provide for himself. At the beginnings, he had friends help him with even minor stuff like heat.

“I remember when I first signed,” he said. “I got some gigs right away and I had no furniture in my house. In fact, I remember Deano, who plays fiddle for me, before I had a record deal would come to my apartment, and nine times out of 10 my electricity would be turned off. And he would call me and say, ‘Hey I wanna come over and play some music.”

Finally, Deano brought over supplies like much of McGraw’s other friends. It all worked out in the end.

“I’d say you have to bring a fire log and some wood because I don’t have any heat. And you have to bring a bag of Doritos. And we would sit there and play George Strait songs.”