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Tim McGraw Opens Up About Watching Daughters Grow Up, Calls It ‘Sad’ and ‘Beautiful’

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

In recent years, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s three beautiful daughters have begun to blossom. Each of the three has found their own passions and desires in life and has started chasing their dreams. While watching your children grow up is always a beautiful thing, it is also a humbling experience that comes with nostalgia and sadness.

Tim McGraw sits right in the middle of experiencing all of those feelings right now. He has the pleasure and the pain of watching his baby girls grow into lovely ladies. Each of the three kids, Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey have flown the coop so to speak. Now, McGraw and Hill have the time to sit back and reflect on their parenthood.

“Our youngest is 19 and living in New York City now, I mean, it’s crazy,” Tim McGraw said to Garrett Hedlund of Leo Edit. “It goes by so fast. You think you’re giving them good life lessons. You know, as a parent — look, [laughs] you’re going to get half of everything wrong. That’s just the nature of it. There is no handbook with it. To look back now, over Faith [Hill] and I’s 25 years of marriage coming up in October, and see where we’re at and see where our kids are, see how fast it’s gone by, it’s almost… it’s unfathomable how time flies.”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill See Their Children Grow Up

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have obviously loved seeing their children grown up. However, there is a certain sadness that comes with seeing the end of your real parenthood. For instance, McGraw explained the feeling of bittersweet nostalgia and sadness in looking back on the memories of his kids.

“It’s a beautiful thing, but it’s a sad thing at the same time,” Tim McGraw continued to explain. “You find yourself reflecting and looking back at pictures and thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, I remember that time, I remember when they looked like that.’ It’s so sweet; there’s some melancholy that goes along with it as they age.”

What Are the McGraw Girls Up To Now?

After leaving Nashville, all three of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s girls have started careers of their own. For instance, Gracie, now 23 years old, moved out to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming a musical actress. She also has a passion for fashion which she shares with her followers and fans on social media quite often. Apart from her love for style and theatre, Gracie has proven that she can also sing like her parents. She has appeared on stage with her dad to do just that on several occasions.

Maggie, now 22 years old, recently graduated from Stanford all the way out in California. There, she lived just up the coast from Gracie, however, both lived a good 2,000 miles away from Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in Nashville. While McGraw cites that Marine Biology is Maggie’s biggest interest, she also has shown off her pipes while at Stanford. According to a few Instagram posts, it seems like Maggie sang lead for an all-girl rock group while attending school at Stanford.

Audrey, the youngest daughter of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, has just begun to dip her feet in modeling. Both she and her older sister Maggie have tried out this option on a few occasions. Most recently, Audrey landed her first major modeling gig with fashion label Tory Burch. However, despite her own beauty, what has struck fans most in her short career of modeling is how much she resembles her parents.