Tim McGraw Reacts to 7-Year Old Ukrainian Refugee Performing the National Anthem for Poland Stadium

by Suzanne Halliburton
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The young Ukrainian refugee who went viral with her singing touched the heart of country star Tim McGraw.

McGraw tweeted a video of Amelia Anisovych. She’s the 7-year-old who first came to the world’s attention earlier this month. That’s when she sang the theme song from Frozen as she huddled in a bomb shelter. Maybe McGraw saw Amelia and thought of his three beautiful daughters. He also knows talent.

Over the weekend, Amelia performed the Ukrainian national anthem at a giant fundraiser for fellow refugees who fled to Poland.

McGraw wrote of the young girl: “Hope, hope is what we have to hold on to. Amelia Anisovych age 7 performing the Ukrainian national anthem.” McGraw, the 1883 star, also used the Ukrainian flag emoji.

Tim McGraw Impressed with Heart of Ukrainian Refugee

Anisovych sang her country’s national anthem Sunday night in front of thousands of people. They gathered at a stadium to support Together with Ukraine. The group is raising money for Polish Humanitarian Action. Nearly 2 million Ukrainians, most of them women, children or the elderly, have fled to Poland for safety. The country is Ukraine’s closest neighbor and Poland is welcoming them. However, the number likely will overwhelm some of the Polish cities, especially Warsaw, its capital.

Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, Feb. 24. And we’ve seen so many stories about compassion, courage, and patriotism. Maybe it’s all represented best in little Amelia. Tim McGraw certainly thought so.

Amelia and her family first were in a bomb shelter somewhere in Kyiv. She started singing “Let it Go.” People in the shelter pulled out their phones and started taping her performance. She could be anyone’s daughter. But rather than going to her neighborhood elementary school and playing with her friends, Amelia was stuck in a shelter, hiding from Russian bombs. The video was both uplifting and heartbreaking. It’s probably why a little girl play-acting as Elsa in the middle of war went viral so quickly.

Frozen Singer, Songwriter Also Respond

Idina Menzel, who first sang “Let It Go,” also was touched by little Amelia. She posted Amelia’s song to Twitter. And she wrote: “we see you. We really, really see you.” The video now is approaching 17 million views.

Kristen Anderson-Lopez, who co-wrote the music from Frozen, also saw Amelia’s clip of “Let it Go.” She posted on Twitter:

“Dear Little Girl with the beautiful voice. My husband and I wrote this song as part of a story about healing a family in pain. The way you sing it is like a magic trick that spreads the light in your heart and heals everyone who hears it. Keep singing! We are listening!”

Just like Tim McGraw, Menzel and Anderson-Lopez, the world sees this little Ukrainian refugee. And now Amelia is offering more comfort to her fellow Ukrainians, but on a far bigger stage.