Tim McGraw Reflects on ‘Great Opportunities’ He’s Had in Various Films

by Joe Rutland

Country music singer Tim McGraw loves performing. Based on his musical career, a number of film directors have found spots for him to act.

McGraw decided to share some of his most memorable film moments on Instagram. Included in the post are scenes from “The Shack,” “The Kingdom,” “Tomorrowland,” “The Blindside,” “Dirty Girl,” “Friday Night Lights,” and “Country Strong.”

It’s quite obvious that Tim McGraw enjoys digging into different roles, ranging from religion to politics to sports.

Take a few minutes and look at this film highlight reel offered up by McGraw.

What makes him stand out on film? Some might see an ability to change appearances; others might notice McGraw taking himself and pouring all that he’s got into a role.

The films that McGraw had made over the years are a direct result of his success as country music singer and songwriter.

Seeing him in “Friday Night Lights” isn’t that much of a stretch for him because he was an athlete in high school and college. Being able to tap into those personal experiences while following a director’s guiding hand helped in that role.

Tim McGraw loves acting and, from the pieces he is sharing with the world, it appears that he loves it, too.

Tim McGraw Makes Memories With ‘Something Like That’

Speaking of his music career, it was back in 1999 when Tim McGraw had a pretty sweet hit in “Something Like That.” McGraw takes romance back to an innocent time, a time when a 17-year-old boy meets his first love.

The song’s lyrics paint a picture that is certainly tinged with love.

“It was Labor Day weekend, I was 17
I bought a Coke and some gasoline
And I drove out to the county fair
When I saw her for the first time
She was standing there in the ticket line
And it all started right then and there
Oh, a sailor sky made a perfect sunset
And that’s the day I’ll never forget”

“Something Like That” comes off of McGraw’s 1999 album, “A Place in the Sun.” It was the second single released from the album.

That song went on to reach No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles chart. It reached No. 28 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, too. It was written by Rick Ferrell and Keith Follese.

“Something Like That” earned McGraw yet another gold record from the Recording Industry Association of America, noting that the single sold 500,000 copies.

Tim McGraw keeps making his name in music and movies, too. Who knows what could be next for this multi-talented superstar.