Tim McGraw Reflects on Difficulties of Starting Out, Didn’t Have Furniture

by Jacklyn Krol

When Tim McGraw was just starting out, visitors had to bring something to enter his home.

When musicians are just starting out it can be rough on them. Typically, it takes many years to forge a career and be able to provide for your family. This is true for the country crooner who started out without any furniture or heat at his place.

At a Glance

  • Tim McGraw spoke about the challenges of starting out as a musician
  • Revealed that he did not own any furniture
  • Visitors had to bring fire logs to stay warm

“I remember when I first signed,” he recalled. “I got some gigs right away and I had no furniture in my house. In fact, I remember Deano, who plays fiddle for me, before I had a record deal would come to my apartment, and nine times out of 10 my electricity would be turned off. And he would call me and say, ‘Hey I wanna come over and play some music.”

So when people wanted to come over, Tim McGraw requested that they don’t come over empty handed. Even Deano brought supplies.

“I’d say you have to bring a fire log and some wood because I don’t have any heat. And you have to bring a bag of Doritos. And we would sit there and play George Strait songs.”

Everything obviously worked out well for the country music superstar. Maybe he even got a taste of his future role in 1883.

Tim McGraw Spilled The ‘1883’ Beans

In a new conversation with Taste of Country, Clint Black revealed that Tim McGraw let the cat out of the bag about his 1883 role. McGraw was a guest on Season 2 of the TV show, Talking in Circles With Clint Black. Right before they began filming, McGraw told Black about his upcoming role.

“We’re in the green room, right? And he says to me, ‘Look, I gotta tell you this great news, but you can’t ask me about it in the interview,’” Black shared with the outlet. “It’s ‘1883.’ He had just inked the deal for ‘1883’ and told me about it and then we walk out and tape the show and I can’t ask him about it.”

On the episode, they actually spoke about what it means to be a truly good artist.

“As you know, the first rule of being a great artist is know who you are — and a lot of artists never figure out who they are as an artist,” McGraw told his fellow artist.

“They’re trying to be somebody that’s not them,” McGraw added. “And for me, I always knew who I was as an artist. But I was never opposed to opening my ears and opening my eyes and finding the core of what I am and knowing the road that I am on.”

At the end of the day, Tim McGraw made it big because he was a great artist.