Tim McGraw Responds to Nashville Christmas Day Explosion: ‘Trying to Find the Words’

by Clayton Edwards

Early Christmas morning, a computerized voice emitted from a white RV parked on 2nd Avenue in Downtown Nashville. At first, the voice was a warning of an impending explosion. A fifteen-minute countdown started. As the minutes ticked away, it warned everyone to evacuate. At about 6:30 local time, the RV exploded. The ensuing explosion damaged cars, trees, buildings, and injured three civilians. The blast shook not only the surrounding area but also its residents and those with connections to the city. Among the residents emotionally shaken by the blast was country singer Tim McGraw.

Tim McGraw Responds to the Nashville Christmas Day Explosion

In a tweet earlier today, Tim McGraw addressed the Nashville Christmas Day Explosion. Like many others, McGraw is still trying to wrap his head around what happened. In the tweet, which featured a snippet of his song “Nashville Without You,” McGraw expresses his sadness about the explosion as well as his faith in the city.

What We Know About the Nashville Christmas Day Explosion

Not much is known about the Nashville Christmas Day explosion. Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are actively investigating the blast. At this time, there are no suspects or motives. The FBI and ATF are employing their explosives experts and chemists to learn about the components of the bomb that shook Nashville.

According to a report by CNN, officials do not think that the purpose of the blast was mass murder. The evacuation message, timing, and location point to the fact that whoever planted the bomb wanted to destroy property but not take lives. The good news is that no bystanders were killed in the Nashville Christmas Day explosion. Three civilians and one officer were injured, however.

The explosion damaged an AT&T network hub. Consequently, cell service was down in the area. The blast also disrupted 911 services. This was more widespread. Much of eastern Tennessee’s 911 services were down on Christmas day. Technicians are working to get service back to normal.

Most importantly, we know that Nashville will bounce back from this destructive act. Natural disasters nor acts of violence can break the spirit of Music City or her residents. Nashville will rebuild and carry on as she always has.