Tim McGraw Reveals One Moment Keith Urban’s Guitar Skills Absolutely Blew Him Away

by Kayla Zadel

Tim McGraw is speaking quite highly of his fellow country music star Keith Urban and his guitar skills.

McGraw is dishing about the making of his hit song “Highway Don’t Care” on the “Inside Machine Hits” series. He knew as soon as Taylor Swift was on board for the song, he “really” wanted Keith Urban to join in too.

“I’m a huge fan of his playing, fan of his singing, just a fan of the person that he is as well,” McGraw confesses. “So I sent it over to Keith and right away he sent it back and was very happy to play on it.”

McGraw say that he sent the song over to Urban and the Australian laid his guitar track down for the song.

“It just blew me away, because we had a really good guitar track already on there that I liked a lot, and you don’t wanna have to tell Keith Urban that you like the other guitar track better,” McGraw laughs. “I wasn’t worried about that because I knew Keith would blow it away. It really made it an iconic record.”

McGraw belies that Swift’s and Urban’s contribution took this record to another level. The “Highway Don’t Care” track is from McGraw’s 2013 album Two Lanes of Freedom.

Tell Me More about Keith Urban’s Guitar Skills

Urban’s more than a pretty face with a great voice that’s married to a beautiful woman. This man can deliver some serious good licks.

Keith Urban’s guitar skills continuously blow us away, too. Every time he takes the stage, it’s like ‘wow, he really can play.’ The Australian admits that he tried joining a rock band in the 90s, but got fired for his style of playing, Premier Guitar reports. Keith Urban’s guitar skills continously blow us away, too.

This was a loss on the band’s part because Urban’s guitar playing is just one of the reason’s that his fans love him. The “Speeding Ticket” singer knows his way around the fretboard. Take a look at some of these top guitar moments from Urban.

Guitar hero or hero on the guitar? We’ll leave that up to you to decide. In 2013 Keith Urban did release a limited number of signature guitars and accessories. Then he donated a portion of the sales to The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation and the Grammy Foundation.