Tim McGraw Reveals One Unique Fact About His Black Straw Cowboy Hats

by Clayton Edwards

Tim McGraw has been cutting country gold since the nineties. Over the course of his career, he has notched a grand total of 25 number-ones between the Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts. He sells out shows and his albums fly off the shelves. Currently, McGraw’s net worth sits somewhere around $85 million. So, it would be fair to think that he buys top-shelf everything.

As a result, you might be surprised at what he says about his trademark black cowboy hats. In a recent interview, Tim McGraw told Esquire that he doesn’t pay very much for his hats at all.

 McGraw told the publication that he sports a black straw hat made by Resistol. However, his hats always look fresh because he changes them out fairly often. “It takes about three shows to really sweat through it to fall into place and start looking good,” he revealed. Then, he added, “I’ll wear it three months longer than I should just because I don’t want to break in a new one.”

With that knowledge, I spent a little time comparing photos of Tim McGraw’s hat to the Resistol website. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the hat company carries the country star’s chosen hat online. However, they do carry a George Strait collection as well as a Cody Johnson collection.

After looking through their stock, I can report that McGraw doesn’t pay that much for his lids. In fact, the most expensive straw hat on the site comes in at only $155. If you’ve ever shopped for an American-made cowboy hat, you’ll know that’s a decent price.

If you’re hoping to find a topper to match Tim McGraw’s you can do so easily. Several companies sell black straw cowboy hats that are dead ringers for the ones the country superstar sports. The best thing about them is that you won’t break the bank while trying to cop his millionaire style. Those hats come in at about $45. We haven’t tested the quality of any of those doppelgangers. So, your mileage may vary.

Why Tim McGraw Always Wears a Hat

Back in 2014, Tim McGraw received the honor of being inducted into the Headwear Hall of Fame. Shortly thereafter, he spoke to People about the honor and why he almost always wears a hat.

“Of course the cowboy hat is who I am in my music,” he told the publication. However, there’s a reason he almost never leaves the house without some kind of hat. “I’ve never been comfortable with the way I looked without a hat,” he confided. Expanding on this, he said, “I have what I call a ‘fivehead.’ I don’t have a forehead. I have a fivehead.”

Don’t think that this insecurity gets him down too much. “That’s one of those things about getting older – you get more comfortable with yourself.”