Tim McGraw Reveals Stunning ‘Tennessee Sunset’ Photo

by Thad Mitchell

Country music megastar Tim McGraw took some time on Monday evening to appreciate Mother Nature and share it with fans. The singer took a beautiful snapshot of the sun going down from the porch of his Tennessee residence and put it on Twitter for all to enjoy.

The colorful phot shows a mixture of pink and yellow yielding way to the approaching night. Overlooking a large body of water, the sun disappears among the trees and Tennessee hills.

“Pretty cool Tennessee sunset this evening,” McGraw says. While the tweet does not specify the location of which he took the photo, McGraw and his wife, Faith Hill, have a residence in middle Tennessee near Nashville.

McGraw’s sunset photo collected a lot of social media attention with fans thanking the singer for sharing the pic.

“Beautiful,” one Twitter user writes. “It reminds of the beautiful nights and stunning sunsets on the Potomac.”

“Beautiful phot,” another fan writes with a heart emoji attached.

One McGraw fan even returns the favor and posts a sunset photo from his location.

“My wife and I enjoyed a nice one in California,” the fan tweets and hashtags #soultherapy at the end.

“Love Tennessee Skies,” a fan replies.

Tim McGraw Draws Social Media Attention

McGraw has become quite active on social media recently. On Monday he tweets out a congratulations to fellow country artists Florida Georgia Line on a hit song.

“May We All” is a special one I did with @FLAGALine and now it is 3x PLATINUM!” he says. “Had a blast working with these guys and so proud of this moment!”