Tim McGraw Sends New Year’s Message: ‘Been a Rough Year for All of Us’

by Emily Morgan

As we enter a new year and say goodbye to one that seemed to last forever, many celebrities are taking to social media to share their well-wishes for 2021. On Thursday, Tim McGraw shared his hopeful optimism for the new year via Twitter. 

“It’s been a rough year for all of us, full of tragedy and loss. But a New Year is dawning, and with it hope …may we enter it #UNDIVIDED!! @THubbmusic”

Tim McGraw Gives Shout Out To Tyler Hubbard’s New Song

In the tweet, Tim McGraw made sure to shoutout fellow country singer, Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line who teased new music on November 15, telling his Instagram fans that he “wrote a special one called ‘Undivided.'”

In the post, Hubbard shared lyrics from the song and addressed the political and social unrest in the U.S. after the recent presidential election. 

“We’re all the same to God no matter what we get his love. I’m so tired of lookin’ left or right so I’m just lookin up,” the lyrics read.

Tyler then shared his “prayer” for the future, pointing to the chorus of the song.

“I think it’s time to come together
You and I can make a change
Maybe we can make a difference
Make the world a better place / Love around and love somebody
We been hateful been long enough
Let good Lord reunite
Till this country that we love’s Undivided

Even though the country duo has experienced recent turmoil, the pair announced an upcoming tour despite the ongoing pandemic. On November 16, the two revealed the tour would feature North American dates beginning as early as summer 2021.

“This past year has given us a chance to spend more time writing, producing and being creative,” the pair said in a statement. “But we are itching to get back on the road. We miss our fans, and the live energy and connection we have with them when we hit the stage.”