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Tim McGraw Shares Father’s Day Advice: ‘Let Mom Lead the Way’

by Madison Miller
Photo by: John Shearer/Getty Images for Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum

It’s that time of year where we all celebrate the fathers, or father figures, we may have in our lives.

Popular country artist Tim McGraw is a proud father himself. He has been married to fellow country singer Faith Hill since 1996 and the two have three daughters together — Gracie, Audrey, and Maggie. He’s even the godfather to the first child of Garrett Hedlund and Emma Roberts.

Time and time again, the “Highway Don’t Care” singer has proved just how much of a devoted and proud father he is to his girls.

He took the time this year to share some advice he has for all the dads out there.

“For dads, I would say let mom lead the way. Parenting in general, I think as anybody that’s a parent knows, boy, you probably get 65% of everything wrong. And it’s just a matter of makin’ mistakes and tryin’ to do better the next day, and kind of following your kid’s heartbeat, I guess is the best way to say it,” McGraw said to Big Machine Label Group.

McGraw acknowledges how being wrong is a part of parenthood. However, for many people, there may not always be a mom in the picture, for whatever reason.

Tim McGraw is a Proud Dad

Tim McGraw had a proud dad moment this week. He gave a shoutout to his daughter Maggie on Instagram for getting her master’s degree at Stanford University. He shared pictures of her in her graduation apparel and captioned it, “We are so incredibly proud of our Maggie May. She graduated from her Masters program at Stanford University this weekend and what a celebration!!! I have such admiration for her work ethic, her fierce love of her family and especially her passion to make the world a better place.”

People like Gwyneth Paltrow, Luke Bryan, Rita Wilson, and Reese Witherspoon all congratulated Maggie.

Gracie, the couple’s middle child, recently graduated from New York University as well. Audrey, the youngest, graduated from high school during the pandemic.

Even massive superstars like McGraw and Hill feel the effects of what is commonly referred to as “empty nest syndrome.”

“It’s tough. You want them to go out and conquer the world and have fun and do all the things that kids do. But you don’t want them to leave your protection, and you certainly don’t want to feel like they don’t need you anymore,” Tim McGraw said in an interview with “Today” in 2020.

McGraw and His Father

In many ways, Tim McGraw is trying to be the father he never really had growing up. His biological father abandoned him at birth. According to a segment on his radio show, McGraw found out who his father was after rummaging through his mother’s closet as an 11-year-old and finding his birth certificate. Tug McGraw was a professional baseball player, but left McGraw’s mother before she gave birth.

Although he admits it sometimes left him feeling bitter, he tries not to let those emotions get to him anymore.

“What I did get out of that, what he may never know he gave me, was this inspiration and this fire and this belief running through my veins that this was something special. If I only tried and reached for it, then maybe I could get it,” McGraw said.