Tim McGraw Shares Gorgeous Photo of Winter Wonderland at His House

by Atlanta Northcutt

“I like the quiet…,” Tim McGraw writes on Twitter. There aren’t many words that would describe the picturesque view any better.

“Silent night. Holy night” works well too. But now that Christmas and the holidays are over, let’s go with McGraw’s Twitter caption.

Finding Beauty in the Snow Bluffs

On Tuesday night, McGraw tweeted a photo of what resembles a Thomas Kinkade painting that shows an idyllic winter afternoon.

Hanging from the otherwise empty limbs on a massive tree are stringed lights that brilliantly glisten through the evening sky and cut through the cold landscapes. The light radiates off of the soft white snow outside of the massive and beautiful home that McGraw and Faith Hill share in Nashville, TN, along with a large farm next door in Franklin.

It seems certain that the country singer and actor, along with his wife, Faith Hill, will be walking in a winter wonderland for the time being. The large amounts of snowfall are coming from a massive winter storm.

At this time, there is a travel advisory in Nashville since residents are dealing with ice and four to six inches of snow.

This unusually aggressive snow front is affecting both the Midwest and Northeast until Tuesday or later.

Nashville, along with the majority of the country, is currently undergoing the effects of this front, which has been named Winter Storm Uri by The Weather Channel. It has already “smashed snow records in Texas and will continue to spread snow and potentially damaging ice.”

Tim McGraw Captures His Personal Winter Wonderland

A warm hue radiates from a candlelit street lamp. The light encompasses the entrance of what appears to be a circular drive wrapped around a tall, round tree. The beautiful branches extend into the sky making the entire tree appear as though it’s bursting with yellow lights like exploding fireworks.

The snow is fresh and flat. No footprints seem to be visible nor are there any disturbances to the powder. A blanket settles over the barren branches and green hedges. The front of the rustic brick house is tall and in the shape of an A-frame with a large archway underneath. The roof of the country home is sprinkled with a strong coating of white precipitation, but the entrance of the building looks warm and welcoming.