Tim McGraw Shares One of His Favorite Songs Off His New Album

by Clayton Edwards

Fans of Tim McGraw have been jamming Here on Earth since August of last year. It’s packed with country goodness that is guaranteed to get you through the chaos of the real world here on Earth. Last night, McGraw shared one of his favorite songs from the album with his Twitter followers. To make things better, it’s a stripped-down acoustic performance of the song.

Tim McGraw is has a pretty varied discography. If you have a mood, he has a song to fit it. Whether you’re in the mood for a love song, a tear-jerker, or even a cover of a country classic. McGraw has you covered. So, it’s not surprising that this song is one we can all feel deep down. The song, “Gravy,” really puts things into perspective. In times like these, it’s nice to get a little perspective.

In “Gravy,” Tim McGraw celebrates the little things in life. It’s a reminder of how fortunate we are to have the things that are so often taken for granted. In the song, he talks about having chicken in the fryer and biscuits in the oven. He also mentions having the lights on and the cable bill paid. Sure, there are still things that he wants in life that he may never get. However, he knows it’s important to focus on what he does have and be thankful for that first.

Tim McGraw puts a really fine point on things at the end of the chorus. “If I could hug my kids and kiss my wife / One more day in this crazy life / Take a second to stop and smell the daisies / Everything else is gravy.”

There are plenty of things in this world to want. However, Tim McGraw knows that you don’t need that much to have it made. As long as you’ve got food on the table and a loving family, you’re winning. Everything else is just icing on the cake. Or, in this case, gravy on the biscuit.

Tim McGraw Walks the Walk

Tim McGraw isn’t just pandering to his audience with this song. No. He lives it. McGraw married fellow country star Faith Hill in 1996. They rode the wave of fame all the way to superstardom together. At the same time, they walked the path from newlyweds to parents hand-in-hand. They never let their fame get in the way of being good parents. In fact, they used their schedules and work ethic as examples for their three daughters.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are active in their daughters’ lives. When it comes to the girls and their friends, they aren’t superstars. The couple is just Mr. and Mrs. McGraw. They both know what really matters in life is a strong family unit. And, like the song says, everything else is gravy.