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Tim McGraw Shows Off Grandma’s Special Dessert, Reveals Recipe in Photos

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Good home cooking is important, even to country stars. Tim McGraw shared a little bit of his family’s secret recipes with his followers on Twitter.

The country artist recently tried to make one of his grandmother’s deserts, and the results certainly look appetizing. Hot milk cake is what on the menu at the McGraw household. And McGraw dug up one of his grandmother’s old recipes to accomplish this baking project.

Granny McGraw would probably be proud of the finished result. Let’s just hope it tastes as good as it looks.

Instructions For Tim McGraw’s Hot Milk Cake

To make a hot milk cake the McGraw family way you’ll need:

  1. Four eggs
  2. Two cups Sugar
  3. 1/2 a cup butter
  4. One cup milk
  5. Two cups sifted flour
  6. One tsp. baking powder
  7. One tsp. vanilla extract

First, you want to beat the eggs until they’re nice and foamy. Next, add in your sugar to the eggs and beat until they’re properly mix. Then, add in your flour. Separately, you want to melt the butter into your milk and let that simmer until the mixture is hot and scalding. Once you reach the proper temperature, add the milk to the egg batter.

Once again, you want to give that batter a proper beating and make sure it’s mixed together evenly with the milk. Pour in both your baking powder and vanilla extract next.

For the final steps, you’ll need a bundt cake pan or any cake pan might do in a pinch. Properly grease and flour the pan down to prevent sticking. Add in your mixture and allow the cake to bake at 350 degrees for about 25 to 30 minutes. Enjoy and thank Grannie McGraw for this delicious recipe.

Fans Share Their Results

Fans of the singer are trying out his recipe and sharing the finished results on Twitter. McGraw’s recipe also inspired them to share moments from their own grandmothers.

One user wrote, “Thank you for recipe from Abilene, TX! We have 14 people sheltering here tonight because we luckily have electricity and water. This was a fun treat and everyone loved it!!”

Another shared a story about their own family recipe. They wrote, “Thanks for sharing grandma’s recipe. Looks delicious. My mom had a recipe of my great granny that she wouldn’t share until she passed. Now I have it but she taught one of my sons how to make it b4 she passed, whats up with that.”