Tim McGraw Shows off Massive Hogfish from Latest Spearfishing Trip

by Jennifer Shea

Country star Tim McGraw has been doing some spearfishing while he waits out the pandemic. And he’s got an impressive catch to show for his efforts.

On Saturday, McGraw tweeted a picture of himself and a friend standing on a dock beside beautiful cerulean waters under a bright blue sky, proudly holding up the two massive hogfish they’d caught.

“Nice hog fish,” McGraw posted. “Pole spear free dive shot at 44 ft down.”

Tim McGraw Inspires Fishing Envy

McGraw’s replies promptly lit up with envious tweets from fans and from fellow outdoorsmen.

“Wow!!!” one Twitter user replied. “I wanna go fishing!!!!”

“Looks like fun time,” another tweep chimed in.

“Nice fish Tim,” yet another user tweeted.

One Twitter user even replied with a photo of his own massive catch.

“Cool mate :),” he tweeted at McGraw. “Bringing home the bacon/20 miles off Key Largo… Thank God!”

McGraw Releases New Single

McGraw’s most recent single, “God Moves the Pen,” celebrates the divine influence on art and remembrance as an act of love.

“Written in the sky, written in the sand / On the back of a car draggin’ old tin cans / True love declared with brush and paint / Way up there on a small-town water tank,” the chorus goes. “Carved in an oak or tattooed on the skin / Love moves the heart, God moves the pen.”

The song is from McGraw’s recently released album Here on Earth, Ultimate Edition. The album features “God Moves the Pen,” plus 16 original songs and seven bonus songs, per Taste of Country. Those seven bonus songs are “Undivided,” “Thought About You,” “Neon Church,” “Truth Is,” “Cuttin’ Onions” and the movie soundtrack songs “Keep Your Eyes on Me” (with McGraw’s wife Faith Hill) and “Gravity.”

The original release of Here on Earth debuted at the top of the Billboard Hot Country Albums chart. It’s just the latest of 17 total No. 1 albums for the country star, who is clearly enjoying his down time between albums with outdoor activities like spearfishing. No doubt about it: McGraw is a true outsider.