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Tim McGraw Talks Acoustic Version of ‘Cowboy in Me’ on ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images)

Country singer and “1883” star Tim McGraw brought back one of his early 2000s hits for the latest episode of “Yellowstone,” called “The Cowboy in Me.”

Unlike his 2001 version, McGraw made his “Yellowstone” version acoustic, at the request of the show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan. All season long, the show’s playlist has racked up with incredible hits from some of our favorite artists. And now we’ve got one more to add to the list, courtesy of Tim McGraw.

The country star hyped up the song’s appearance in last night’s episode, titled “Keep the Wolves Close,” with a message on Instagram. In the caption, McGraw wrote earlier, “Catch the new episode of @yellowstone tonight and listen for the new version of ‘Cowboy In Me.’  Excited to see what scene it’s in!”

Tim McGraw opened up a bit more about the song and why he made a Yellowstone version in the Instagram post’s video earlier.

“Oh man, I’m just a huge fan of “Yellowstone,'” McGraw began. “Faith and I, our whole family, are huge fans of ‘Yellowstone.’ So, when Taylor asked me to do an acoustic version of ‘Cowboy in Me,’ he didn’t tell me what scene it was for, and I still haven’t seen the scene that it’s for. But he asked me to do it and I said, ‘Of course, I will.'”

McGraw’s mentioned before how much he loved the first three seasons. Now, after landing a role as James Dutton in the prequel series “1883,” he’s gotten to play an integral part of the new season too.

“I mean, anytime I can get a song in ‘Yellowstone,’ [I will],” McGraw continued. “And certainly, to be involved with the flashback scenes that we did and also filming ‘1883,’ it’s just a big family of great people. And a lot of talented people. So I was pretty excited about it.”

Here’s Where Tim McGraw’s ‘The Cowboy in Me’ Appeared on ‘Yellowstone’

“Yellowstone” fans didn’t have to wait long to hear Tim McGraw’s new acoustic version of “The Cowboy in Me” last night.

It kicked off Episode 7 right away, playing over some beautiful scenic shots of the Four-Sixes Ranch. The ranch’s cowboys, including Jimmy, worked on herding and roping some cattle. They rode across the gorgeous landscape, while McGraw sang in the background.

Sheridan let the whole song play out, from start to finish. The first three and a half minutes of the show didn’t feature any dialogue, just the cowboys wrangling cattle. It was a peaceful moment in an otherwise chaotic and action-packed episode.

Looking to listen to Tim McGraw’s new acoustic version of “The Cowboy in Me” again? You can check it out in the YouTube video below.