Tim McGraw Talks How His Daughters Inspire His Own Music

by Suzanne Halliburton
Jason Davis/Getty Images

Tim McGraw is a country superstar and accomplished actor. He admits his music has broadened through the years precisely because he’s the father of three daughters.

After all, the 1883 star listened to his three girls and all their friends when he was driving them to and from cheerleading practice for so many years. A good dad picks up details.

McGraw talked about being true to his self during the season two premiere of the podcast “Talking in Circles with Clint Black. He brought up daughters Gracie, Maggie and Audrey. They’re all in their 20s now.

“Being able to find bright shiny things along the way that I can add and incorporate into the music that I was making. And I owe a lot of that to my girls growing up and hauling cheerleaders around the football games,” Tim McGraw said about his three girls. Oldest Gracie is 24. Maggie is 23 and Audrey, 20.

McGraw said he doesn’t particularly like the music his kids prefer. He .remembers thinking, “‘you know, I’m not particularly fond of this song, but boy that’s a great synth sound that they had there. Or that’s a great high hat sound that they had there — that’s a great snare sound that they had there.'”

McGraw Said Daughters’ Music Helped Him Expand His Own Sound

After all, the best music is about expanding a sound. And Tim McGraw talked about the thought process of how he used his daughters’ musical tastes.

“I think I can take that and sort of thicken it up and widen it a bit and it would work really good for this song that I’m working on,” McGraw said. “You find stuff that you like and you sort of incorporate it into what you’re doing.”

And he dropped some knowledge about being a singer and actor.

“As you know, the first rule of being a great artist is know who you are,” said the 1883 star. “And a lot of artists never figure out who they are as an artist.

“They’re trying to be somebody that’s not them. And for me, I always knew who I was as an artist but I was never opposed to opening my ears and opening my eyes and finding the core of what I am and knowing the road that I am on.”

McGraw recently finished 1883, the smash streaming hit on Paramount+. He played James Dutton on the Yellowstone prequel. Now, he and wife, Faith Hill, who also was in 1883, are back on the stage, entertaining big audiences with their music.