Tim McGraw Teases New Music with Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard

by Matthew Wilson

Well, Tim McGraw did say he wanted to work with Florida Georgia Line again. The country singer is teasing a collaboration with FGL’s Tyler Hubbard.

McGraw is promoting new music with Hubbard by sharing a behind the scenes photo of the two. Both McGraw and Hubbard are in the studio with nothing but smiles in this black and white snapshot.

On Instagram, McGraw wrote, “Can’t wait to show you what @tylerhubbard and I have been workin on #undivided.”

Previously, McGraw worked with Hubbard and his partner Brian Kelly on “May We All.” But during a re-release of the tune, McGraw admitted he wanted to work with the duo again. Well appears he and Hubbard have something coming up in the works.

“I think down the road we should do another song and do a sequel to that one,” McGraw said. “I think we left that whole video set up to be a series.”

Tim McGraw Worked with Florida Georgia Line

“May We All” originally featured on their third album, “Dig Your Roots” in 2016. It was later re-released earlier this year on one of McGraw’s greatest hits albums. The duo had asked McGraw to be a part of the song.

“They asked if I would sing on the song. They sent it over to me,” McGraw said. “I said, ‘Sure I’ll sing on the song.’ I didn’t ever think of it being a single or anything, I just thought sure I’ll sing on the song.”

The trio also created a music video together, which was some of the most fun that McGraw had in his career.

“Then the next thing I knew they were making a video for it,” McGraw said. “I saw the treatment for the video and I got to show up and do that. We had a lot of fun shooting the video because we had a lot of time to really work together and develop the story. It turned into much like a mini-movie.”

For both Kelly and Hubbard, McGraw has been an influential inspiration in their music careers.

“One of our biggest influences in our music and in life, in general, is Tim McGraw,” Hubbard said. “Putting Tim McGraw in the second verse and having him sing the rest of the song with us, just really brought that song to the next level. It just couldn’t have happened more naturally, more organically.”