Tim McGraw’s ‘Thought About You’ Used in Heartbreaking 9/11 Video Made by Brooklyn Fire Department

by Samantha Whidden

Country superstar Tim McGraw announced on the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks that his hit single Thought About You is being used in a new heartbreaking video made by Brooklyn Fire Department. 

“I’m always so inspired but the heart and courage of our firefighters and first responders,” Tim McGraw stated in an Instagram post. He then said he hopes that we may never have to suffer through tragedies like the September 11th attacks to be aware of the impact they made on all of us every day.

Tim McGraw then stated that Engine 280 Ladder 132 in Brooklyn made the touching video using his single. “I thought it would be a good way to honor them and all the 9/11 heroes today,” he added. “May we never forget.”

Tim McGraw’s followers responded to the social post. One Twitter user wrote, “I thought about all the people that lost family that day. Just hope that [they’re] getting by, I always believed that you just take one day at a time.”

Another Twitter user then added, “Today and every Sept. 11 since 2001 deeply saddens me.  We should honor all those heroes and be made aware of how #NeverForget was a great tragedy.”

Tim McGraw Honors Military By Supporting Operation Homefront

In 2016, Tim McGraw opened up about his support of Operation Homefront. The organization is dedicated to assisting military families during difficult times. “You know, it’s about safety and security,” McGraw explained. “And we feel safe and secure with our family. Because of those guys and because of the things that they do.”

Tim McGraw noted that while the troopers are putting their lives on the line for their country, they are also putting their families on the back burner. Which is why he got involved in the organization. McGraw stated, “To think that these wounded soldiers come home and they don’t have a foundation for their family. They don’t have that safety and security that they provide for us every day.”

According to its website, Operation Homefront is on a mission to build strong, stable, and secure military families. The families can then thrive without struggling to get by. Tim McGraw previously teamed up with the organization and Chase Bank to provide 26 homes free of charge to military veterans as well. 

At the time, Tim McGraw said he wanted to give back to the veterans who risked everything to protect him and the rest of the country. “Or them to be able to come back and have the same sort of security for their little girls and little boys and their wives. To be able to have a home that is secure and safe. [It’s] something that really hits home for me.”