Tim McGraw Tries Out New Lawnmower in Epic ‘Country Boy’ Photo

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Country music superstar Tim McGraw is a busy man these days, but even he needs a little time for some rest and relaxation.

Just in the last few weeks, Tim McGraw has put out a brand new music video and revealed he’s joining the “Yellowstone” Universe. The music video for McGraw’s latest musical offering, “7500 OBO,” debuted just about a week ago. Fans of the country music icon are happy that McGraw put out a new music video for the song. They are also thrilled that the video stars Tim McGraw’s youngest daughter, Audrey McGraw. In order to give the video an authentic feel, McGraw and his team rounded up some vintage items. One of those vintage items was a lawnmower that a local business loaned to them specifically for the video.

But being the country boy that he is, Tim McGraw just could not help himself in a store full of lawnmowers. In addition to the vintage mower for the video, the “Don’t Take the Girl” singer took one of the newer models for a spin. He shared a photo of himself sitting atop the mower on his social media page earlier today (Monday).

“Thanks to our friends at Gravely Mowers for supplying the vintage mower for the ‘7500 OBO’ music video and letting me see one of the new models as well!” Tim McGraw says in the tweet.

Tim McGraw Thanks Company For Vintage Mower

The country star looks right at home at the helm of the fancy, newer model lawnmower. He definitely appears to be enjoying himself on the machine with his trademark black cowboy hat sitting atop his head.

As you might expect, fans of the country singer had plenty to say about the photo. Some even wonder if he mows his own yard and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the answer to that question is yes.

“That looks just as comfortable as a recliner,” one fan says. “Look like your a natural.”

“I would like to see you mowing your yard,” another fan writes, adding a laughing emoji to their comment.

Tim McGraw has had a number of chart-topping hits over the year but admits “7500 OBO” holds a special place in his heart. Part is due to his daughter’s presence in the video — even though it required her to participate in a kissing scene. After seeing the scene for the first time, McGraw hilariously asks fans not to call it a “make out” scene, noting that Audrey is still his baby girl.

Tim Mcgraw also made headlines a few weeks ago when he announced that he will star in the “Yellowstone” sequel “1883” later this year. As if they were not exciting enough, it was also revealed that his wife, Faith Hill, will also play a lead role in the show. The show will also star iconic western actor Sam Elliott.