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Tim McGraw Urges Fans to ‘Come Together’ in Special Memorial Day Message With Tyler Hubbard

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

Tim McGraw has an important message he wants all Americans to hear. For this year’s Memorial Day, the country superstar took to Instagram to publish a clip in honor of those who gave the greatest sacrifice of all.

“Let’s use this time to count our blessings, stand proud as we honor our heroes, and show this country that we love is undivided,” he says in the patriotic post as the song “Undivided” plays in the background.

In addition to McGraw, users can also hear Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georiga Line. Hubbard encourages us all never to forget those who fought for our freedoms.

McGraw also made sure to add a caption. “Remembering all who have served & sacrificed to protect this country that we love… Let’s come together this #MemorialDay #Undivided @tylerhubbard,” he wrote alongside an American flag emoji.

Back in November of 2020, Hubbard got the idea for “Undivided” when he was living on his tour bus. He was parked in his driveway to stay quarantined from his family after testing positive for COVID-19.

Tim Mcgraw & Tyler Hubbard Encourage Americans to Be ‘Undivided’ This Memorial Day

During his time in quarantine, he used the moment to reflect on his values, his faith, and people’s tendency to judge. As a result, he was flooded with inspiration to record a song that would be a shining light during difficult times.

Hubbard co-wrote “Undivided” with Chris Locke and afterward thought of McGraw. The two and Hubbard’s duo partner, Brian Kelley, had previously worked together on the hit “May We All.”

Hubbard sent the demo for “Undivided” to McGraw, who said he was driving back to Nashville after visiting his daughters in California.

However, he pulled over at a Montana gas station to listen. After first listen, McGraw knew he wanted to be a part of the project. In time, Hubbard and McGraw co-produced “Undivided” alongside Corey Crowder and Byron Gallimore.

During an interview with The Boot, Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard opened up about working together on the song.

“The reason I got excited about this song — you know, we have an album out and music out and everything, but when a song comes along and somebody like Tyler, who’s a good friend of mine and who I think’s a really good person, sends over a song that’s so timely and feels like sort of a bomb that we sort of need on our world right now, it’s pretty much a no-brainer to just to step in and raise your hand and say, “Yeah, I’ll do it.”