Tim McGraw Wants Live Music to ‘Be Like It Was’ Before COVID-19 Pandemic

by Jennifer Shea
Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Country star Tim McGraw is pining for the days before the pandemic hit. And he says that while he’s not about to push for anything against fans’ best interests, he wants to see concerts return to normal in the future.

Being a touring musician himself, he knows that live shows are the foundation of many musicians’ careers.

“For me, I think that my whole career and even getting my record deal was based on me playing live,” McGraw said recently, according to CMT. “I mean, I’m no Pavarotti that’s gonna go out there and sing you into thinking that I’m the best singer in the world and you’re gonna give me a record deal. I think my music live is the whole catalyst for my career.”

McGraw is planning to play the Watershed Music Festival next July and the Minnesota State Fair next September. But it remains to be seen if it will be safe to hold live concerts again by then.

“I love playing live. I love playing music,” McGraw said. “But look, we’re not gonna do anything that doesn’t have everybody’s best interest at heart. I think it’s gotta be as safe as you possibly can be and err on the side of caution. But I also want it to be like it was when we go out. That’s what I want. That’s what I hope.”

Concertgoers may have to provide proof of vaccination before they can attend shows. Or maybe not. But there will probably have to be a way to ensure it’s safe for concertgoers to gather again. 

As for how that will take shape, McGraw says he hopes it looks like it did before, with large crowds packing concert venues elbow to elbow.

“It’s hard to know right now, right? It’s hard to figure out what that’s gonna look like,” Tim McGraw said. “I mean, we all hope that it’ll be like it was, where everybody’s crammed in there and having a great time. That’s what you love about going to concerts and playing music.”