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Tim McGraw’s Daughter Gracie Details Moment When Store Employee Ripped Dress From Her Hands

by Madison Miller
Photo by: John Shearer/Getty Images for Big Machine Records

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughter, Gracie McGraw, took to Instagram to spread an incredible message of body positivity.

She detailed a recent trip to a store and the interaction she had with a worker. Gracie had picked out a size eight dress at the store, which was the largest size they offered. However, she says she normally wears closer to a size 10.

Gracie McGraw’s Interaction with the Store Employee

“The lady who was working in the store literally took the dress out of my hands and said ‘that’s not going to fit you.’ Well first, duh because idk it’s not my size??, and second the fact that she literally took the dress out of my hands and verbally told me that I was too big for it really made me upset,” Gracie wrote.

Gracie went on to explain her frustration toward stores like this. She said they often only put out smaller sizes. And when you look for a bigger size “they don’t even go above your knees.”

On top of that, many brands and sizes seem to consistently change, making it harder to find the perfect fit.

Despite feeling hurt and humiliated, she tried to turn the situation into positive and to spread a message to her followers.

“I’ve been in a sadder state of mind since that moment today until just now when Cher came on. I decided to dance it out, take some pics, and embrace my floppy body. And you know what, it feels good. It feels good to remind yourself that you are allowed to have good days and bad days AND that you are allowed to turn those bad moments in to good moments. That’s my Ted talk for the day!! Enjoy my cellulite because I am!!” Gracie wrote.

Fans Express Appreciation and Love in the Comments

Her post has gotten a swarm of attention. Most of the comments praise Gracie McGraw for the story and the inspiring post. It is a message many people felt is incredibly important for young women to hear.

One person wrote, “Thank you soo much for sharing and encouraging us to embrace and love our bodies just the way they are!! I am 55 and when I was your age I would have felt so much better if people like you were around to bring this out!! I am still loving it at 55 though.”

Other commenters also expressed their thankfulness for being encouraged to embrace their bodies. One person wrote and explained the frustration of sizes gradually getting smaller and smaller.

“I have a hair dresser she grew up wearing a size 8 her whole live and now her size is a zero yet she is the same size. I grew up my whole life being a size 14 mostly still met and married the man of my dreams, shame on that lady in the store, shame on any one that makes you feel any thing but beautiful for who you are. Always be kind to yourself and talk to yourself the way you would if you were talking to a friend,” the person wrote.

Gracie McGraw: Her Career

Gracie McGraw is the oldest daughter of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. The couple has two other daughters as well.

Recently, Gracie, who is 23, moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

According to Country Fancast, Gracie is no stranger to the spotlight. She once joined her father on stage to sing “Here Tonight” in Nashville. Gracie was also the lead singer of an all-female alt-rock group when she was 18 called Tingo.

She also joined a rock group while she was in college at Stanford.