Toby Keith Asks Fans Who’s Excited for New Music in Latest Teaser

by Jon D. B.

If your wish for a better new year involves new music from the one and only Toby Keith – then you’re about to get your wish!

Would we lie to you? The legend himself – Toby Keith – has just posted a photo of himself back in the recording studio for the start of 2021. This alone guarantees a better year than 2020, even if last year did set the bar incredibly low…

Taking to Twitter today, Keith’s official account is confirming that he is, indeed, recording new music as of this January. Whether Toby himself or a team member is confirming this, however, is up for debate, as the Tweet does come in unintentionally-funny third-person tense.

“Who’s excited to hear that Toby has been back in the studio?!” the photo is captioned. Third person or not, do they even have to ask? Country fans have heard a few singles and sountrack contributions from the legend in the past years, sure. But we haven’t received a proper album release from Toby Keith since 2015’s 35 MPH Town.

In short: Hell yeah.

Fans Beyond Eager for Return of Toby Keith

“It’s about time,” says eager fan Patricia Wilson. And she’s right. 2021 marks six years since a major studio album release for the icon. While 2015’s 35 MPH Town did receive mostly-favorable reviews from critics, its overall reception was lukewarm, at best – and the modern country landscape never really embraced the offering quite like times past.

Regardless, “It’s been a very long wait, but your music is always worth it!” says fellow fan Celeste. And we couldn’t agree more.

“Yeah – That’s why 2021 is gonna be an ass kicking year!!!!” adds fan Clinton Coddington on one of Keith’s top responses. Another fan hilariously replies “As long as he’s recording something….not just playing with knobs,” offering up a very solid point!

The news does, after all, come after Keith himself said ‘Good Riddance to 2020’ in His Year-End Post. Here’s to a far better 2021 – and a (hopeful) return to roots for this country legend!

While details are slim on what the latest from Toby Keith will result in, will be on top of it as always. Stick with us here for the latest developments from Keith in 2021.