Toby Keith Celebrates Armed Forces Day, Telling Fans to ‘Thank an American Soldier Today’

by Evan Reier

One of country music’s most vocal and proud supporters of the U.S. military, Toby Keith, wants to make sure those who serve are appreciated.

It should come as no surprise that the 59-year-old country legend is recognizing and encouraging. Toby Keith’s arsenal of music includes the smash-success album Shock’n Yall as well as patriotic anthem, “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.”

The country star tweeted out a message alongside an epic photo of one of his many trips to visit those serving the U.S.

“Thank an #AmericanSoldier today. #ArmedForcesDay” the tweet reads.

Epic doesn’t even do the photo justice. Wearing a casual look of military fatigues and with a crowd of service members behind him, it’s a capture of a great moment.

Unsurprisingly, many Toby Keith fans were replying in the comments. One veteran tweeted that he was able to see Keith live while in Iraq.

“Saw you perform at COB Speicher in 2006 in Iraq. Thanks for all you do to support our military!!” @RandySellars1 replied.

Another user and mom of a military member, @sranalli, spoke on her son’s love for Toby Keith.

“My son just friggin loves you!!” she wrote. “Lol he is always telling me how he can’t wait to see you one day. Right now he is overseas, but has orders to come home and then moving across the country from me. Sigh. Between missing him and worry I have lost count of grey hairs”

Conversely, one fan was just happy to see her favorite artist keep up his patriotic support.

“God bless the men and women in uniform.” @JoniMccollum tweeted. “God bless TK for showing them love and support for so many years. Never apologize for being Patriotic!!”

Toby Keith Catches a Crappie Monster in Recent Post

These days, Toby Keith is spending more time doing the things he loves. That is included but not limited to fishing, although we imagine it’s taking up a good portion of his free time.

Earlier in May, Keith posted one of his recent catches. The longtime singer was all smiles in the photo which featured a large crappie, and featured an iconic caption.

“I’ll probably be out fishin’…” Toby Keith’s account added.

We can only hope.