Toby Keith Keeps It ‘Old School’ Country on ‘Late Show With Stephen Colbert’: VIDEO

by Keeli Parkey

In a matter of days, the new album from country music star Toby Keith will make its debut. Unsurprisingly, the 60-year-old Oklahoma native is getting out there and promoting his latest project.

As part of his promotional efforts, Keith stopped by the “Late Show With Stephen Colbert” earlier this week., according to The Boot. During this visit, he performed a new single from his upcoming album. That single is “Old School” and it is part of his “Peso in My Pocket” album.

Instead of performing in the studio where Colbert’s popular late-night show is filmed, Toby Keith and his band took to a stage located outside on Monday, Oct. 4. In doing so, Keith and company offered up a performance that is different than what late-night television fans normally see on such shows as the “Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” The performance was more like something you would see when watching footage of one of his concert stops.

Regarding the song “Old School,” Toby Keith has said it reminds him of the work of a popular singer. “When I first heard the demo, it reminded me of Steve Miller. But it had a little bit of rap to it — not unlike the can of worms I opened years ago with ‘I Wanna Talk About Me.’ Then it’s got the coolest melodic waterfall and I was like, ‘Yeah, I gotta cut this,'” the singer shared.

You can watch Keith perform “Old School” below.

Toby Keith’s New Album Will Be Released on Oct. 15

Toby Keith’s “Peso in My Pocket” will be released on Friday, Oct. 15. According to his website, it is now available for pre-order. The album was produced by Keith and Kenny Greenberg. It is the country music star’s first album in many years. His last album was “35 MPH Town.” It was released in 2015.

The song “Old School” has also brought interest to the album. And it did so even before Keith’s recent appearance on the “Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” In fact, the song gave Keith his highest debut on the Billboard Country Airplay chart in his career.

Keith reportedly found inspiration for his new “Peso in My Pocket” album while visiting Mexico. “It was like being on the moon. A lot of my friends down there were afraid they wouldn’t be let back in the U.S., so they all went home. I wasn’t on the road and nobody could go anywhere, so I thought, ‘You’ve written a long list of songs by yourself, dumba**. Get up and get busy!’ I went through the ideas I keep on my phone and thought, ‘S***, I need to write these,'” Keith also said.

Toby Keith’s “Peso in My Pocket” album will include 10 tracks. These include the title track and “Old School.” The other eight tracks are “Oklahoma Breakdown”; “Old Me Better”; “Days I Shoulda Died”; “Growing Up Is a B****”; “She’s Drinkin’ Again”; “Thunderbird”; “Take a Look At My Heart”; and “Happy Birthday America.”