Toby Keith Mourns the Loss of Fallen SEAL Team 8 Commander

by Hannah Heser

Toby Keith is a true American patriot. Unfortunately, the loss of the SEAL Team 8 Commander has had a strong effect on him.

“Go Rest In Peace friend. We are praying for your family. -T,” he writes on Twitter this evening.

For those of you who don’t know much of what happened, Cmdr. Brian Bourgeois lost his life on Saturday, December 4. He was participating in a training exercise for SEAL Team 8 and suffered from major injuries.

The Navy sent him to the hospital that same day, but he passed away a few days later.

Once Toby Keith heard this news, he was absolutely crushed. Throughout his music career, he has done a lot to recognize our troops. For example, Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue is written to show appreciation for everything U.S. soldiers do for our country. In honor of the Navy SEAL who died, Keith is sending thoughtful messages on social media to show his support for this hard loss.

Toby Keith Music Career

Toby Keith is known for anthems to the U.S. soldiers serving in the Middle East. You might know his hit song, Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue, which remarks on all of the soldiers who have fallen like the commander.

Early Life & Career

While Keith was growing up in Oklahoma City, he became involved in music at a young age. A few of his inspirations came from his grandmother’s dinner club.

After playing in a football league and working in the oil industry, Mercury Records decided to sign him. While celebrating his success thus far, he released two-follow up records, Boomtown and Blue Moon.

In addition, his 1999 album, How Do You Like Me Now?, won two ACM awards in 2000. You might be thinking this guy is a rockstar! That’s not all he’s accomplished. His 2002 album, Unleashed, sold 3 million copies. It also included a duet with superstar, Willie Nelson with Beer for My Horses. If you haven’t heard this hit, you can check it out below.