Toby Keith Remembers the Late Great Merle Haggard on Anniversary of His Passing

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Yesterday, Toby Keith remembered Merle Haggard on the anniversary of his death. It was six years ago when Hag left us. Over the course of his career, he transformed the image, sound, and style of country music while remaining a unique and iconic figure. From a life of crime to the top of the country music world. Of course, Keith got to spend some time with Merle over the course of his career.

Over on his Instagram, Toby Keith posted about the anniversary of Haggard’s death.

“Raising one up for [Merle Haggard] today. Rest in peace,” the country singer said.

Of course, there’s the famous story about Keith stepping in for Haggard during Super Bowl L weekend. The legendary singer couldn’t finish his set and that’s when Keith came in. He finished the show, giving fans satisfaction, and honestly calming people’s nerves about the elder singer’s health. Unfortunately, he would pass just two months later.

During the course of the Should’ve Been a Cowboy singer’s career he had the chance to make a great friendship with Hag. The two performed at a few shows together, playing hits from both of their catalogs. There’s also the song She Ain’t Hooked On Me No More from Keith’s album Honkytonk University. Willie Nelson joined the two artists on a live album Outlaws and Angels.

It’s always sad when we lose legends. When Merle Haggard passed it felt like the end of an era in a way. Toby Keith did a great job honoring the anniversary of his friend’s death. Now, excuse me while I go listen to that live album.

Merle Haggard’s Wife Posts Anniversary Message

Of course, it wasn’t just Toby Keith honoring the anniversary of Haggards’ death. His wife, Theresa had a heartbreaking message. It came along with a funny picture of the country music icon from a baseball game the two attended. Check that out here.

“To all the fans and family that loved Merle, today is that special day that Merle was called home,” Theresa said. “That is one thing we cannot control in our lives. Is when it is our time to die.

He is surely missed by me and our kids. I know he is also missed by you. So play a song for the man today that touched all so many times with his music and his [heart].”

The great thing is, we have so much to remember Merle Haggard by. His music and interviews and all his other media appearances over the years. His story is one of an outlaw cowboy and his music spoke to millions over the years. Rest in peace, Hag.