Toby Keith Set to Premiere New Single ‘ Old School,’ Co-Written By Maren Morris

by Jacklyn Krol

Toby Keith has a new single under his belt.

The country crooner is set to debut his latest hit at midnight on Friday (June 25). “Old School” was co-written by Maren Morris alongside her husband and artist Ryan Hurd and Brett Tyler. Toby Keith co-produced the song alongside Kenny Greenberg. According to the press release, the song “celebrates “small town sticking around.”

“When I first heard the demo, it reminded me of Steve Miller,” Toby Keith said. “But it had a little bit of a rap to it – not unlike the can of worms I opened years ago with ‘I Wanna Talk About Me.’ Then it’s got the coolest melodic waterfall and I was like, ‘Yeah, I gotta cut this.'”

Furthermore, as Taste of Country noted, a 2014 demo of the song was uploaded to Tyler’s Soundcloud page. the original demo featured lead vocals by Hurd with backing vocals from Morris.

“We’re old school small town sticking around just like folks used to / The good ol’ boys and girls falling in love / Living the life / Middle of nowhere feels about right / Keeping it old school / Just the way we like,” the pair sing in the chorus.

Toby Keith’s Patriotic Weekend

Secondly, following the release of “Old School,” he has another release scheduled. “Happy Birthday America” will be premiered by iHeartRadio on July 1. He is set to give the debut performance on July 2 on Fox & Friends‘ Summer Concert Series.

Surprisingly, Toby Keith wrote “Happy Birthday America” solo. He created the song when he was on a boat watching a fireworks display last year. One of his friends said, “Happy Fourth of July, big dog.” Keith replied, “Happy birthday, America. Whatever’s left of you.” That phrase instantly gave him the idea to write the song.

“It had been a screwed up 18 months,” Keith recalled. “I was seeing both sides having concern over the end of democracy. We’ve fought and divided almost to the point it’s only about power and winning. Charlie Daniels had a song saying ‘God save us all from religion.’ And I’m thinking, God save us all from politicians.”

However, Toby Keith is no stranger to writing songs about our country in unusual places. “I wrote [‘Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue’] on the back of a Fantasy Football sheet that was laying there,” he told The Boot. Above all, Keith will continue writing songs about America and celebrating the U.S. whenever he can.

Additionally, Toby Keith is getting into the patriotic spirit, he will also be hosting the iHeart July 4th Country Takeover special on the holiday.

Finally, the two new singles will be part of his upcoming full-length studio album that will premiere this fall.