Toby Keith Shares ‘Old School’ Photo With Sweet Fathers’ Day Message

by Brandi Stillings
Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images

In light of Father’s Day, country music star Toby Keith shared a throwback pic. It shows the singer/songwriter planting a kiss on a baby boy’s cheek, which could very well be his only son Stelen.

The adorable father-son tweet reads, “Here’s to all the dads out there not letting the old man in. Happy #FathersDay. #OldSchool.”

Followed by countless replies from his fans, tweeting Keith “Happy Father’s Day” in return. One Twitter user responded with her own “old school” photo, featuring a black-and-white family moment.

Keith has a close-knit family, including his wife Tricia and their three children.

Get to Know Country Singer Toby Keith’s Three Children

In between touring and performing live concerts, Keith also finds time to be a family man.

After getting married in 1984, Keith adopted his oldest daughter Shelley. Now, she has two kids of her own and is married.

Next, their daughter Krystal was born on September 30, 1985. Also known as Krystal Keith, she’s a country singer just like her dad. The mother of two sang duet in 2004 with her father, covering the song “Mockingbird” on stage. After she joined Show-Dog-Universal Music, Krystal released four songs with the single “Daddy Dance with Me.”

Lastly, the youngest is their son Stelen. Born in 1997, he grew up surrounded by his father’s success. Instead of being in the spotlight, Stelen prefers to be behind-the-scenes. He co-founded Nostalgic Nights, a concert booking company, per Country Fancast. During an interview with OUDaily, he told them why he decided to pursue a music career.

“I’ve seen it all up-close and personal for my entire life,” Stelen said.

Keith’s kids are grown up now. They’ve chosen their careers, and even had children of their own. Now, the father of three enjoys spending time with his family, and special moments with his grandchildren.

The Country Music Star Receives Nomination for Songwriters Hall of Fame

What does Toby Keith have in common with Shania Twain and Brad Paisley? They’re all nominated to be inducted in the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Previously covered by Outsider, on November 1, 2021, one of the country musicians will officially join the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. In addition, they plan on also inducting two of this year’s nominated songwriters.

It’s no wonder why Keith made the cut. He has written 45 “Top 20” songs on the Billboard lists. Along with 17 titles in the “Top 10,” and most went straight towards No. 1. Previously, he’s been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in New York.