Toby Keith Spills on Smoking Weed With Willie Nelson While in Las Vegas: ‘I Couldn’t Even Function’

by Katie Maloney

Toby Keith finally reveals all the details about getting high with Willie Nelson.

During an interview, Keith laughs about smoking weed with Willie Nelson after a concert in Las Vegas.

“Willie was playing at eight o’clock. I go see Willie. I get up, I play a few songs with him. And I get ready to leave and he hollers at the stage and says ‘Stay after the show a little bit, I want to talk to you.'”

Keith waited for Nelson to finish his show and met him back in his tour bus where Nelson offered him a joint.

“I’ve never smoked much pot in my life. It’s not my high,” says Keith. “We burned one and I couldn’t even function. It was the most hardcore weed that I’d ever smoked. And I only hit it like three or four times,” says Keith.

Toby Keith spills about the time he smoked weed with Willie Nelson.

Toby Keith Wrote A Song About Getting High With Willie Nelson

Keith jokes that Nelson knew Keith was extremely high when he tried to leave the tour bus.

“Then it was time for me to go and he was just looking at me and I remember my ears were burning, my head was throbbing, my breathing was different. And he smirked because he knew he got me,” says Keith. “It was the first time in my adult life that I had the night off in Vegas…I coulda had a great night but I was in bed by about 11:30. I woke up the next morning, and said ‘I will never smoke weed with Willie Nelson again.'”

Keith said that he shared the story with his friend, Scott Emerick who also got way too high with Nelson. The two decided to write a song about it and the rest is music and doobie history.

Toby Keith’s “I’ll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again.”