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Toby Keith Uploads Hilarious Video of Him Struggling on Golf Course

by Outsider
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

As it turns out, Toby Keith isn’t a very good golfer.

It’s easy to empathize, especially since golfing can be difficult. But the country singer wants everyone to know he’s pretty terrible at it.

That’s all because of his song “Sh–ty Golfer,” which he played over a clip of himself in a golf cart. He seems to be having some difficulty getting the cart going, or moving it at all.


It’s a reference to his 2017 album The Bus Songs, which the song originally appeared on. His latest golf cart chaos seems to have prompted him to post the song on Instagram in a tongue-in-cheek way.

Toby Keith has been reminiscing about pre-pandemic life

Keith has been very vocal about missing touring as of late. He shared another Instagram post on Sunday, Oct. 4 lamenting how he couldn’t be on the road. He’s been posting photos from a variety of concerts that took place before the global coronavirus pandemic.

“Concerts before Coronavirus are starting to feel like fourteen hundred and fifty-two beers ago,” he wrote. Celebrities are feeling the stress of things being difficult these days as well.

Toby Keith will likely continue to share several intriguing snippets to his social media as the days pass. One thing’s for sure: He knows how to keep us entertained.

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