Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers’ 1997 Fillmore Concert to Be Released as Live Album

by Tia Bailey

It was recently announced that Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers would be releasing a live album. The album is their 1997 Fillmore concert.

The announcement for “Live At The Fillmore (1997)” came with a preview track and video for “Listen To Her Heart.” Tom Petty’s Twitter shared these both. They wrote: “Watch “Listen To Her Heart” the first track from LIVE AT THE FILLMORE 1997. The video by Peter Sluska features previously unreleased 16mm footage from the Fillmore and Tom’s personal items and band memorabilia from the Petty archive.”

Petty’s Twitter shared the news of the live album as well. They wrote: “We are so proud to announce the hotly anticipated LIVE AT THE FILLMORE 1997 collection is available for pre-order today. Widely considered by Tom and the band as the most spontaneous and comprehensive residency in their career.”

The live album was captured on film during the final 6 performances of the band’s 20-show residency at the Fillmore. On the final night, Petty acknowledged the iconic run, saying: “We all feel this might be the highpoint of our time together as a group… It’s going to be hard to get us off this stage tonight.” The performances in San Francisco are iconic.

Lead guitarist Mike Campbell said: “Playing the Fillmore in 1997 for a month was one of my favorite experiences as a musician in my whole life. The band was on fire and we changed the setlist every night. The room and the crowd was spiritual… AND… we got to play with some amazing guests. I will always remember those nights with joy and inspiration.”

A fan responded: “I was there! What are the dates each song was recorded? Can’t find that anywhere. Would love to hear anything from the Jan 25 show I attended.”

Tom Petty Documentary Director Called Project ‘Daunting’

The Tom Petty documentary that came out in 2021, Tom Petty, Somewhere You Feel Free, was a huge success. The director, Mary Wharton, called the project ‘daunting.’

The late Petty’s 1994 album “Wildflowers” is still widely-loved. The documentary detailed his process making the album. Wharton spoke to Ultimate Classic Rock about the documentary.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s so daunting,” she said. “Always, it was daunting, because it’s an incredible album that is surrounded by the mythology. All the tracks that Tom always wanted to release, but he himself was kind of daunted. There was a sort of haunted quality to that material to him, because it was so strong and so powerful. And then to take on a film about an artist like Tom Petty, who was a perfectionist in everything that he did. Certainly the specter of that, and the incredibly high standards that he held himself to, for me, it was a scary thing to tackle, to try to hold myself to those same high standards.”