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Top 10 Carrie Underwood: Most Underrated Songs

by Jacklyn Krol
Mark Levine, Getty Images

Carrie Underwood has a catalog of incredible music, most of which is extremely underrated or well known. Discover our list of the most underrated songs that should have been singles.

10. “You Won’t Find This”

Carnival Ride – 2007

Underwood sings about a lover who is ready to leave. Surprisingly, she’s fine with him leaving because she knows he’ll be back. Underwood reminds him that he can’t find anything better and will end up returning to their relationship once again.

9. “Lessons Learned”

Some Hearts – 2005

Underwood’s “Lessons Learned” is truly a lesson in life. While most people think about regrets, the American Idol alum sings about how each mistake she’s made she has learned a lesson from. At the end of the day, she wouldn’t go back and change the past to fix her past. She became the person she is today through everything she’s learned. It’s quite a simplistically beautiful song that any age can relate to.

8. “The Night Before (Life Goes On)”

Some Hearts – 2005

“The Night Before (Life Goes On)” tells the story of a teenage couple that are faced with the inevitable. The high school couple are dreading the final night they spend together in their hometown before the girl goes off to college. Meanwhile, her boyfriend will stay in town and lined up a job just down the street while she attends LSU. The song perfectly sums up a young romance and being forced to grow up and move on.

7. “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted”

Storyteller – 2015

Although this song has gained steam among diehard fans, this song surprisingly didn’t gain the commercial success that it deserves. If the video doesn’t make you tear up, the lyrics sure will. She sings about her life now and how she never realized that she wanted a man and a family. She goes from not realizing that she wanted a “Prince Charming” or doing the daily mundane things that a parent does for their child. Underwood says that she was blind until her eyes were opened and she knew she wanted her bundles of joy.

“It’s about not necessarily making plans, but somehow – this is going to sound so cheesy, the words that just popped into my head – finding your destiny,” Carrie Underwood told People.“You can have all of your plans laid out, your schedules, your ‘I’m going to do X, Y, Z and I’m going to work here and I’m going to get married here,’ and sometimes it doesn’t work out that way, but what you get is so much better than what you ever could have planned.”

6. “Look at Me” Featuring Vince Gill

Play On – 2009

For such an epic collaboration, it’s amazing that fans haven’t discovered “Look at Me.” The song was written by Jim Collins and Paul Overstreet. Alan Jackson originally recorded the song for the 2008 film,  Billy: The Early Years.

Vince Gill teamed up with Underwood to create their own rendition. Gill sings harmonies on the chorus. Their voices effortlessly harmonize together. In 2014, the song went viral when a bride sang the song while walking down the aisle.

5. “Forever Changed”

Blown Away – 2019

In perhaps one of the most heartbreaking songs ever, “Forever Changed” is about a woman suffering from Alzheimers. The song was written by Tom Douglas, James T. Slater, and Hillary Lindsey.

“You know, the mother goes on, she gets married, she has a baby – me,” Underwood told NPR. “And then, you know, at the end, she can’t remember much. And one of the writers of the song, it was basically about his mom who had Alzheimer’s and him watching her go through that.”

Underwood has not performed “Forever Changed” live, ever, and she never will. “I just feel like I would be messing up the song if I did that,” she explained. “It’s one that you listen to in a quiet moment, you know, in a quiet setting and where you can really dive into the words. So I just don’t feel it’s right in a giant arena setting.”

4. “Change”

Play On – 2009

Underwood’s “Change” is all about leaving the world a little better than we left it. She begins the song by questioning if people are fools for doing certain acts of kindness. She tells the listener to not listen to the people who say they are fools if they believe they can help change the world. The smallest thing can make the difference and she wants the listener to know that every action makes a change.

3. “Songs Like This”

Play On – 2009

“Songs Like This” was written by Marty Dodson, Keith Urban;s bassist, Jerry Flowers, and Tom Shapiro. The song is twangy country and might be Underwood’s most “country’ song yet. The song sounds like Miranda Lambert meets “Before He Cheats’ mixed with a prominent banjo.

Underwood sings about her ex who did her wrong. She wouldn’t have to partake in revenge or write songs like this if he didn’t do her wrong. By the end of the song, she reveals that he cheated on her with her best friend while she becomes a vengeful person.

2. “Someday When I Stop Loving You

Play On – 2009

“Someday When I Stop Loving You” is an absolutely stunning take on a failed relationship. The song acknowledges that this heartbreak is hard. Underwood knows that she still loves. the man that she made plans with. However, she knows that one day when she does stop loving him, she will get through it and be happy once again.

The song “I’ve seen a lot in the dating world,” Underwood told CBN. “It’s not one-dimensional, where I’m in love all the time or hate men all the time. I’ve been everywhere in between, and through my own experience or that of friends, I’ve seen every kind of guy, and I think some of these songs capture the everywhereness of being a woman.”

The No. 1 Underrated Carrie Underwood Song

Good in Goodbye

Underwood’s “Good in Goodbye’ is a fan favorite for a great reason, it’s relatable. The listener follows a woman who sees an ex that stops her in her tracks. She sings about not regretting the time they spent together and not forgetting it, but at the end of the day they are where they are supposed to be.

Underwood co-wrote the song alongside Hillary Lindsey and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder. “That’s the great thing about writing, the three of us would use our own individual experiences to create the song that we could all relate to,” she said in a YouTube video.

Do you think these are the top ten underrated Carrie Underwood songs? Let us know!