Trace Adkins and Blake Shelton Had Such a Good Time Hanging Out That They Nearly Didn’t Record ‘If I Was a Woman

by Taylor Cunningham

Trace Adkins is back to recording studio albums. His newest drop is called The Way I Wanna Go, which is a testament to how he wants to spend his golden years. He asked his good friend Blake Shelton to help him with a song for the tracklist.

But according to a recent interview with People, the duo was having so much fun hanging out that they almost didn’t record their new single. 

Blake and I went into the studio and we just laughed the whole time,” Adkins recalled. “I don’t know how we even got any vocals on the song. It’s amazing that we actually got something on pitch.”

Trace went on a four-year recording hiatus after he released Something’s Going On in 2017. Then in 2019, he married the love of his life, Victoria Pratt. The relationship renewed his appreciation for life and his passion for music, which led to two new Trace Adkins albums in 2021. 

His first record, Trace 25: Still Dreamin’ Out Loud, debuted in February, and tracks included his most popular hits over the years. His new wife had a big part in directing that album. “I can’t take all the credit,” Adkins admitted. “She’s my muse.”

Then last month, he gave his fans new hits on The Way I Wanna Go. And he asked his friend Blake to lend his voice to the record.

The two sang a song that Trace Adkins wrote with Sherrié Austin, Jeff Bates, and Kenny Beard years ago. It wasn’t until 2021 that Trace thought he could do the piece justice. And he did it by bringing his super-famous buddy onboard.

So the guys got together to bring us If I Was a Woman. However, their reunion was so much fun that they could hardly concentrate.

Trace Adkins Talks About ‘The Way I Wanna Go’

At 59, Trace Adkins believes he’s shining brighter than ever before. His voice is at its prime, and his new album was an instant hit with plenty of celebrity guest stars—such as Luke Bryan and Snoop Dog. But despite all of that, Adkins admits that he’s become a “lazy songwriter.”

In an interview with PEOPLE, Adkins explained that his famously deep and slutry voice keeps on getting better.

“I still have the range that I have always had, but I think my lower range has gotten better,” he said. “But that just comes with age, you know? But I mean, yeah, I haven’t lost anything. My chops are still good.”

“It’s a shame in a way,” he added. “You get to this point of your career where you’re better at your craft than you’ve ever been, and nobody gives a…”

But when it comes to his songwriting, he was honest. He thinks he’s gotten a little lackadaisical.

“I’ve become such a lazy songwriter. The way I write now is I’ll hear something that I think would be a great song and then I’ll go through my Rolodex of incredible songwriters,” he admitted. “I’ll call someone and tell them the hook and maybe a melody I have in my head and in a couple of weeks, I’ll have the song back. It’s a really good place to be.”