Trace Adkins Cast in Leading Role Alongside Susan Sarandon in Fox’s Upcoming Country Music TV Drama ‘Monarch’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Outsiders, it’s time to get even more amped about Monarch now that Trace Adkins has joined the cast.

Adkins will play the husband of Susan Sarandon, the Academy Award-winning actress who will portray Dottie Cantrell Roman, the queen of country music. And Trace Adkins, as Albie Roman, is her king and the dominant male singer in the country world.

Fox picked up Monarch as a mid-season replacement for 2022. The series has been kicking around the network for two years. But finally, the network put on its boots and ordered 12 episodes. It could be the country version of Empire, which wove a fascinating musical story about a family who dominated the rap/hip hop recording scene.

Fox plans to use a huge football game to help kick off Monarch. The first episode is set for Sunday, Jan. 30, right after the NFC championship. The two-part premiere continues Feb. 1. If you’re a music lover — and Outsiders typically are — this should be a cool series.

Earlier this week, Fox announced it added Sarandon and Anna Friel to the Monarch project. Trace Adkins was the Wednesday reveal. It’s definitely a good time to be a country star doing some moonlighting in acting. Last month, showrunners of 1883, the prequel to Yellowstone, said that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, one of country music’s first couples, will star in the series on Paramount+.

Adkins, 59, has the deep, resonating voice everyone loves. The fictional Monarch series is based in Texas. And presumably, Adkins can portray an authentic Texan. He grew up in a small Northwest Louisiana town not that far from the Texas border. It’ll be interesting to see the romantic chemistry between Adkins and Sarandon. They play husband and wife, but in real life, Adkins is 15 years younger.

‘Monarch’ Isn’t the Only Big Project for Trace Adkins

Monarch isn’t his only big project. Earlier this week, Trace Adkins shared a video clip about his new song, “So Do the Neighbors,” which is on his new album The Way I Wanna Go. And here’s why the song is different. Rap icon Snoop Dogg is part of it. The song is all about singing good, fun music so loud that the neighbors join in.

Trace Adkins said: “I can just see it. Oh my God, the redneck has moved into the neighborhood. He’s going to have parties in his backyard. Everybody’s going to be dragging Yeti coolers and everything out there… I know those people. That’s where I’m from. So, I recorded it.”

And Adkins appeared on a Snoop Dogg album a few years back, so why not do part II? Adkins said he “kinda thought (Snoop) kinda owed me one.” So he sent over the song. Snoop Dogg loved it so much he added an extra verse.

Adkins has dabbled in acting and appearing in front of the camera, so Monarch isn’t a stretch. He won the 2013 All-Star Celebrity Apprentice reality show and he voiced a recurring character in King of the Hill. You can check out all his acting credits here.