Trace Adkins Discusses How His Wife and Their Love Story Inspired ‘It All Adds up to Us’

by Clayton Edwards

Sometimes, two people look like they’d mix like oil and water. However, when you put them together, they stick permanently. Some see this and say that opposites attract. On the other hand, some might see these odd couples and realize that love doesn’t really make any sense. Trace Adkins and his wife Victoria Pratt are one of those couples. He took a dive into what makes them tick in the song “It All Adds up to Us,” from The Way I Wanna Go.

Country music is full to the brim with love songs. However, Trace Adkins didn’t just write another love song with this one. Instead, he gave his listeners a look at his current marriage. More importantly, he proved once again that love “ain’t no thinkin’ thing.” He talked about how the song came together in a video on his Instagram.

 Trace Adkins co-penned “It All Adds up to Us,” with his late songwriting collaborator and friend Kenny Beard. Adkins noted that Matt Nolan, “chimed in and participated,” as well.

 About what inspired him to write the song, he said, “It’s just an idea I had because of Victoria.” To him, the relationship still doesn’t make sense. “[That] this incredibly beautiful, talented, intelligent, charming would be with me… it just didn’t add up on paper.”

Trace Adkins went on to say that he talked about that idea with Kenny Beard. Before long, they were working on writing the song. Then, he said a little about the writing process. “It didn’t take very long to write that song.” In fact, Adkins said they finished it in less than an hour. “I love those songs when it just feels like there’s something just flowing through you. It just comes out like it’s already written and you’re just putting a vocal on it.”

How Different are Trace Adkins and Victoria Pratt?

According to Trace Adkins, he and his wife are as different as night and day. Throughout the verses of “It All Adds up to Us,” Adkins highlights the differences in their personalities. Their choices in cars, clothes, and even coffee seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. Most of the verses do a great job of showing their loving oil and water balance. For instance, check out the opening lines of the song.  

Lipstick stains on a Starbucks cup. / Strong black coffee in a Thermos jug. / Take two soft hands and two that are rough / and it all adds up to us.

However, the final verse gets a little steamy and makes their relationship make as much sense as love can. “Take a whole lot of love plus a little bit of lust / and it all adds up, it all adds up baby.”  

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