Trace Adkins Releases ‘A Country Boy Can Survive’ From New Country Music TV Drama ‘Monarch’

by Clayton Edwards

Monarch, the new series that will combine the drama of Empire and the country roots of Nashville, is less than two months away. The series will premiere on Sunday, January 30th on Fox, following their coverage of the NFC Championship game. Trace Adkins will play Albie Roman, the husband of Susan Sarandon’s Dottie Roman character. Additionally, he’s adding some music to the show, which only seems natural.

Trace Adkins is a superstar in the world of country music. He has several awards and a stack of Gold and Platinum records. At the same time, Monarch takes place in a fictionalized version of the country music industry. So, why wouldn’t Adkins contribute music to the show? It would be a missed opportunity if he didn’t.

Earlier today, Monarch released the first song from the series, and it’s a banger. Trace Adkins has been singing “A Country Boy Can Survive” for as long as he can remember. However, this updated cover of the iconic Hank Jr. tune is something special. Check it out below.

As usual, Trace Adkins brings some serious vocal talent to the track. At the same time, “A Country Boy Can Survive” is a killer tune. When the two combine, you get something that’s familiar while still being altogether new. Adkins doesn’t just get behind the mic and do a Bocephus impression. Instead, he made the song his own.

About cutting his cover of the classic song, Trace Adkins said, “Having the opportunity to record such an iconic song has been both exhilarating and daunting. I wanted to honor the original version while putting my own ‘spin’ on it. I’m excited for this to be the first release from Monarch and for fans to hear all of the music we have coming out.” 

Trace Adkins: The Musical Patriarch of Monarch

Adam Anders will serve as the executive music producer for Monarch. He and co-producer Peer Anstrom worked behind the scenes on the Trace Adkins cover of “A Country Boy Can Survive.” Additionally, Anders had nothing but high praises for Adkins.

 “Trace’s voice is one in a million and sets the tone for everything else we do musically on the series,” Anders said. He went on to say, “[Adkins] grounds the show so much, and I love every time an ‘Albie’ song is on the slate.” 

Some may be surprised to see Trace Adkins on the screen. However, the country music icon also has a healthy acting career. According to his IMDb, he has held 40 roles, and three of those projects are still in production. Adkins appeared in movies like The Lincoln Lawyer, Apache Junction, and A Country Christmas. Additionally, Trace lent his voice to hit animated comedies American Dad! and King of the Hill.