Trace Adkins Releases New Album ‘The Way I Wanna Go’ Featuring Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan and More

by Katie Maloney

It’s been 25 years since country music star Trace Adkins released his debut LP, Dreamin’ Out Loud. And he’s celebrating in a big way.

And when we say big, we mean he’s featuring some of the hottest musicians of our time on his new album, The Way I Wanna Go. The album includes 25 tracks and features artists including Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Pitbull, Melissa Etheridge, Keb’ Mo’, Snoop Dogg, and Stevie Wonder.

Listen To ‘The Way I Wanna Go’ Today

After over two decades in the industry, Trace Adkins has never failed to push the boundaries of country music and give his audiences something a little different. He’s sold over 11 million albums, charted over 20 singles, won top awards, and accumulated over two billion streams. Songs like “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”, and “Swing” left listeners two-stepping and laughing – what more could you ask for? And who can forget his number one hit song “Ladies Love Country Boys” – that statement is absolutely accurate by the way (in my opinion). And Adkins doesn’t stop serving the new and improved version of his unique country style with this new album. In fact, during an interview, Trace Adkins said he hopes The Way I Wanna Go can be a part of his country music legacy.

“I don’t know where my place is gonna be when the history of what I did is written,” Adkins said. “But 90 percent of the time, I said what I wanted to say and stuck to my guns and did what I wanted to do… And, this album is as good as anything I’ve ever done.”

Adkins added that, even after 25 years, he’s better than he’s ever been in his life.

“I am at the top of my game right now as far as my craft goes,” he said. “I’m better at this than I’ve ever been in my life.”

The album is officially available as of today. But if all new Trace Adkins music isn’t enough. You can also purchase exclusive limited-edition merchandise including a commemorative 25th-anniversary personalized platinum plaque, and autographed CDs and cowboy hats. You can even sign up for virtual meet & greet experiences. 

Trace Adkins Single Is The Song Of The Summer

Earlier this summer, Trace Adkins released the first single from his album. The song is titled in true race Adkins-style, “Where The Country Girls At.” The song is an upbeat country tune that jumps the musical lines into the pop genre. The song features Luke Bryan and Pitbull. In other words, “Where The Country Girls At” is this summer’s ultimate party anthem.

The song is about exactly what the title says – calling all the country girls to come join the party. During the song, the trio sings, “Got the mud off my boots. I got the smell good on. Got the truck shined up. See yourself in the chrome. Cranking that key, about to get gone. Calling all my boys on the phone. Where the country girls at?”

We’re over here, Trace Adkins! And we are so ready to listen to The Way I Wanna Go!