Trace Adkins Reveals ‘Favorite Memory’ of Recording Duet With Blake Shelton

by Joe Rutland

Country music singer Trace Adkins thought about it and shared his “favorite memory” about his duet with Blake Shelton.

Adkins joined up with Shelton, one of the coaches on NBC’s “The Voice” and a talented writer and singer in his own right. They sang “If I Was A Woman” and it brought back some memories for Trace Adkins.

Outsiders might want to catch him talking with our own Marty Smith in an interview for Smith’s “The Marty Smith Podcast.”

Take a look at this Instagram post that Trace Adkins shared with his followers on Friday.

Adkins said that when he wrote the song, “It was in my mind to do this as a duet with Blake.”

Trace Adkins: Songwriters Added ‘Stuff About Him, Stuff About Me’

He said that he and four other songwriters spent time in a large Nashville recording studio.

“We put in there stuff about him, stuff about me,” Trace Adkins said. “Where we lived and those types of things.”

When both Adkins and Shelton entered the studio to record the song, apparently both men were cracking a lot of jokes.

“I can’t believe they got tracks where we weren’t, where one of us wasn’t laughing,” Adkins said. “‘Cause we laughed all day.

“But it’s a fun track and I am glad that I was able to do something with Blake,” he said.

Trace Adkins called Shelton his “best friend in the business.”

We’re pretty sure, although it’s not an iron-clad guarantee, that Shelton feels the same way toward Adkins.

Country Singer Celebrates 25-Year Anniversary with New Album

Trace Adkins is marking his 25-year anniversary after his first album was released with, what else, a new album.

Yep, “The Way I Wanna Go” features Shelton, Luke Bryan, Pitbull, Keb’ Mo’, Snoop Dogg, and Stevie Wonder. Talk about your heavyweight lineup for this country music star. Wow.

What a career, though, for Adkins. He’s watched people purchase more than 11 million of his records. Adkins has had more than 20 songs reach the Billboard Hot Country charts.

Toss in a few big-time awards and more than 2 billion streams of his work and, well, he could call it a night.

That is not in Adkins’ DNA at all.

Fans probably hold songs like “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” “Swing,” and “Ladies Love Country Boys” near and dear to their hearts.

But Adkins has high hopes for “The Way I Wanna Go.” He’s looking forward to adding another hit record to his vast legacy. We think Outsiders who are into country music will open up those wallets and buy his album.

Adkins, though, will keep on writing songs and recording them in Music City, U.S.A.