Trace Adkins Reveals How Surprising Collab With Snoop Dogg Rolled Around on New Album

by Clayton Edwards

Life would be so much worse without music. The right song can pick you up after a hard day. On the other hand, the right playlist can help elevate the best of times. However, the real magic of music is that it builds bridges between people who would otherwise seem as different as night and day. It doesn’t matter what genre is your favorite, we can all agree that music is one of those things that brings us all together. Trace Adkins and Snoop Dogg prove the bridge-building capabilities of music. One is a hip-hop icon, the other is a country music hero. Together, they make an interesting team.

Trace Adkins recently released “So Do the Neighbors,” from his new album The Way I Wanna Go. The song features a guest appearance by West Coast rap legend Snoop Dogg. You might think that Trace and Snoop would go together like oil and water. However, they came together to create a fun and raucous song about cranking up the music loud enough for the neighbors to sing along.

Trace Adkins discussed how the collaboration came about on his Instagram earlier this afternoon.

How Trace Adkins Got Snoop Dogg for “So Do the Neighbors”

Trace started by saying that “So Do the Neighbors,” is a song that he’ll never forget. He and his team were sitting out by his pond listening to songs and someone played the track for him. His reaction upon hearing the song was the same that many of his fans had after hearing Adkins and Snoop on the track. “Oh my God, that’s great.”

Trace Adkins said that the song painted a picture for him. “I can just see it. Oh my God, the redneck has moved into the neighborhood. He’s going to have parties in his backyard. Everybody’s going to be dragging Yeti coolers and everything out there… I know those people. That’s where I’m from. So, I recorded it.”

About collaborating with Snoop Dogg on, “So Do the Neighbors,” Trace Adkins said, “I had sang on a song Snoop did on one of his albums a few years ago. I sang a bass part. So, I kinda thought he kinda owed me one.” So, they sent the song over to Snoop to have him listen to it. Then, he wrote a verse to it with zero direction from Adkins and his camp.

About that verse, Trace Adkins said, “He was great. I love what he wrote. And, that was all him. We gave him no direction, he wrote that. That’s his thing.”

Adkins went on to say that he really appreciated Snoop Dogg jumping on the song with him. He added that he hopes they do a video for the song in the future.