Trace Adkins Speaks Out About Honoring Veterans: ‘Greatest Privilege of My Career’

by Josh Lanier

Trace Adkins said no matter how much work he does for veterans’ organizations, it’s never enough. But the country music legend said he still tries to give back to them whenever he can because it’s the “greatest privilege” of his life.

Trace Adkins spoke to Fox News recently about his new disaster film 13 Minutes when the conversation turned to Veteran’s Day. Adkins often advocates for veterans’ causes and works with military charities. The interviewer asked if any moments left a lasting mark on his life.

Oh, there’ve been so many, so many. I cherish all the work that I’ve done with the veterans’ organizations that I’ve worked with over the years. I always feel like I’m better for it when I can give back to our veterans. Any kind of encounter where I’m associating with veterans, I always feel like they do more for me than I did for them. Nothing compares to that – nothing. It’s been the great privilege of my career to be able to work with those people. And there have just been so many times that I’ve been so deeply affected that there’s just too many to count.

He added that we all should be doing more to help veterans. You can do that by showing your appreciation.

“Giving to those veterans’ organizations, donating to them is a really good place to start (giving back),” Trace Adkins said. “And just always tip your hat and tell them that you’re grateful when you meet them. They do appreciate that, always. It’s something so simple that goes a really long way.”

Trace Adkins Discusses His New Song That Honors Veterans

The “Ladies Love Country Boys” singer released his new album, The Way I Wanna Go, in August. It includes the ballad “Empty Chair,” an ode to the American veterans. The video for the song is a slideshow of photos that features dozens of people who gave their lives in service to the nation.

In an Instagram video, Adkins said he tried to include a song dedicated to the military on all of his albums. And he knew he wanted “Empty Chair” for his latest record the first time he heard it.

“(‘Empty Chair’) is a song that just spoke to me immediately when I heard it,” he said. “It was like, ‘Yeah I gotta cut this.’ I tried to put a song on every project that I do that pays tribute to the men and women who serve because I am so appreciative of them, and I love them. Some of the most memorable times in my career, looking back over 25 years, has been the work that I’ve done with veterans organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project or Tunnel To Towers. And the stuff I’ve done with the USO. But I just love those folks. When I have the chance to associate with them or spend time with them, I do. Hopefully, some of that heroism will rub off on me. …”