Tracy Lawrence Reveals He Secretly Spent Thousands on His Label’s Tab After Releasing ‘Sticks and Stones’

by Jonathan Howard

The 1990s must have been a wild time to a mustached, long-haired country singer like Tracy Lawrence after releasing Sticks and Stones. Of course, all these years later, 30+ to give you an idea, Lawrence is still going out there on stage and rocking it. And while he might be able to keep up with the young guys still, he used to be really wild in his time.

Now, imagine that you have just released your debut studio album, a big single off of it, and the world at your fingertips… you’d have a big bar tab too. That’s exactly what happened, according to the man himself, after he released his first record. The label apparently misplaced the company card. Now picture being in that kind of position.

@tracy_lawrence Ahhh, the 90s. What a time. Always love to tell this story 🍾😂 #storytime #tracylawrence #90scountry #countrymusic #domperignon ♬ Sticks and Stones – Tracy Lawrence

In the video, Tracy Lawrence explained how it all went down. I’m sure there is more than just this one story, but it’s a doozy.

“At the very end, we had the waiters and waitresses holding trays of oysters all around the table as we were eating oysters. I ordered 8 bottles of Dom Perignon. I gave Dom Perignon away to all the waitstaff as tips. We spend several thousand DOLLARS that night and I remember when the label got the bill [the] next day they were absolutely furious with me.”

So, Mr. Lawrence knows how to party. We know that much. And, I’m sure he’s going to be partying a lot while he’s out on tour with his good buddy Clay Walker. Not to mention the fact that Randall King is joining up with the tour for a bit.

Tracy Lawrence Hits the Road, Plays Medley for Legends We’ve Lost

One thing that Tracy Lawrence is going to do is honor the history of country music. So, it is not a surprise that he is playing a medley at his shows that includes some hits from icons that we have lost in country music in the last year or two. Joe Diffie, Charley Pride, Kenny Rodgers, and Charlie Daniels. A little bit of John Deere Green into Kiss an Angel Good Morning. Throw in a little of The Gambler, and finish it off with a full-length banger.

You can’t go wrong with The Devil Went Down to Georgia. And, of course, that is the song you play the full length of. You can’t just play a part of that track and not include the rest of it.

So, if you want to catch some Tracy Lawrence with Clay Walker and a few throwback tunes from other artists as well, then you know what to do. You gotta get a ticket to one of these shows. Don’t forget the beer tab afterward.