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Travis Tritt Celebrates America Being ‘Open for Business Again’ with Photos from Return to Tour

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for America Salutes You)

This summer is bringing more than just rising temperatures. It is as if the heat is thawing a world that was frozen in place over a year ago. Industries that laid dormant as COVID restrictions kept us all at home are once again coming alive. It seems like “normal” is right around the corner. Live music is spearheading the movement back to life as we once knew it. We’re once again feeling the magic of gathering with like-minded folks and hearing our favorite artists belt out our favorite tunes. Few people are happier about this than 90s country icon Travis Tritt.

The great thaw comes at a great time for Travis Tritt. He released his first new album in over a decade back in May. Set in Stone is like a trip back to Tritt’s heyday. At the same time, it is full of songs that would best be heard live and in the company of hundreds of other screaming fans. So, things worked out really well for TT. Right now, he’s back on the road. Last night, he shared some photos from a recent show along with his thoughts about getting on the road again.

In one of the photos, Travis Tritt sports a huge smile. It tells you more about how he feels about being back on the road than any 280 character post ever could. However, he did add a heartfelt message to the post.

“America is open for business again,” Travis Tritt begins. “I couldn’t be happier! Live music is still alive and well!” He then went on to express his gratitude for those who came to his Watertown, South Dakota show as well as the state’s governor for opening the state back up for live music.

Travis Tritt Hits the Road

Travis Tritt is taking full advantage of the reopening of the world. A quick look at his website shows that he will be on the road for the next year. Tritt and his band will be all over the country in the next twelve months. So, if you weren’t able to make it to his recent show, there’s still plenty of time to make plans.

Starting this fall, Travis Tritt will be on the road with one of the biggest duos in country music history. That’s right, he’ll be sharing the stage with Brooks & Dunn. Those shows will be a little slice of heaven for 90s country fans around the nation.

So, if you’re ready to get out there and get in the mix once more, Travis Tritt has you covered. Head over to his website, find the nearest date, and get ready to take in some of the best live 90s country you’ll find without a time machine.