Travis Tritt Continues His ‘Rockin’ Tour in Raleigh in Epic New Concert Photos

by Taylor Cunningham

Travis Tritt is on tour with Brooks & Dunn, and country enthusiasts couldn’t be happier. The pairing brings together all of our 1990s radio feels. And judging by all the photos that Tritt has been posting as he travels the country, we’re not the only ones loving the classic country resurgence.

Brooks & Dunn recently reunited after taking a 12-year hiatus. And their tour partner just released his first album in over a decade. Those two things alone made our dreams come true. And when they jumped on a bus for their Reboot tour, everyone was ready to support them. Travis Tritt, Ronnie Dunn, and Kix Brooks have been bringing fans out in hoards. And Tritt has the pictures to prove it.

Tritt has been commemorating his shows on social media because he loves us just as much as we love him. The Anymore singer has been a Nashville favorite since his debut in 1989. And every time he stands in front of a packed concert arena, he’s grateful that so many people love his music after all these years. But how could we not? Great music never goes out of style.

And Tritt’s latest stop in Raleigh, NC, further proved that no matter where he goes, he has a legion of people waiting to hear him sing. After opening tonight’s event, he put a few pictures on Twitter. And every time we see his posts on social media, it seems like his sea of fans grows.

“Raleigh was rockin’ tonight! So good to see crowds enjoying live music again,” he captioned. “Trust me when I say that nobody enjoys this more than me! God bless freedom and God bless everyone who spends their hard earned money to attend! I love and appreciate you all!”

Travis Tritt Celebrated His Mom on Her Birthday

Travis Tritt is a humble, hard-working performer. He’s always quick to jump on social media to thank his fans and fellow artists for supporting him while he makes music because he knows he wouldn’t have a career without them.

But he’s not just grateful for country listeners. There is someone else he puts on a higher pedestal. Fans may be the reason he’s standing in the spotlight with 2 Grammy awards and 41 Billboard hits, but they didn’t buy him his first guitar—his mom did. So on her birthday last month, Tritt made sure to post a quick tribute to her on Instagram.

“Had a chance to celebrate my mom’s birthday with her, my wife, and kids today,” he wrote. “Happy Birthday to the sweetest mom anyone could ever ask for!”