Travis Tritt Opens Up About Creative Process Behind First Album in 13 Years, ‘Set in Stone’

by Matthew Wilson

Travis Tritt is getting candid about the creative process around his latest album Set in Stone, which dropped on May 7th. It’s the country singer’s first album in over a decade. But Tritt has remained near and dear to the country faithful’s hearts.

On the latest episode of Outsider’s The Road You Leave Behind, Tritt looks back to the past to embrace the present. The country singer compares his debut album to his current project with host Marty Smith. Fans have been eagerly awaiting Tritt’s newest album. But for Tritt, the process hasn’t changed much in the past 13 years.

“I don’t think there’s really that much difference,” Tritt says. “I think from a songwriter’s standpoint, I’m not one of those people who write all the time, I never have been.”

Travis Tritt on His Career

For Tritt, he can break his career up into different frames of mind. He’s stayed busy touring, recording, and writing. And he’s found it helpful to separate and focus on one task at a time. An old country music saying sticks to mind: “You have your entire lifetime to write that first record. You have three months to write the second album.”

The saying doesn’t mention your 11th album or your 12th or a potential 13th one day. But Tritt has taken that mantra to heart and is making it work.

“I have blinders on, I can’t focus on 15 things at once,” Tritt says. “I just can’t. If I’m in touring mode, I’m focused on giving the best possible performance I can every single night. And that’s the only thing I care about. If I’m in writing mode, it’s writing for the new album. Writing the best material I can possibly write or finding the best material I can find outside of my own writing for the album coming out.”

Songwriting Process on New Album

As a songwriter and an artist, Travis Tritt always remembers what the late, great Dan Fogelberg said. It’s become another saying that the artist goes back to time and time again.

According to Tritt, Fogelberg said: “I write songs with this in the back of my head. I try to move myself honestly and objectively, I try to move myself. Because I know if I can truly and honestly move myself, I can move other people.”

As an artist, Tritt looks for subjects he feels passionate about. He wants to write tunes that make him emotional. Because if he’s emotional, then his listeners will be as well.

“To me songwriting is about conveying things that are so about your life. So hopefully other people can relate to that,” Tritt says. The artist also said, “It was that way back in the early days and it’s still that way now.”

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