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Travis Tritt Discusses Scaling Back Songwriting Ahead of New Music Release

by Quentin Blount
Photo by: CJ Hicks/USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Ahead of the release of his new single tomorrow, country music singer-songwriter Travis Tritt is finally talking about why he decided to come out with new music.

It’s been a long time coming for Travis Tritt fans and for country music fans in general. But after more than a decade, Tritt is making his long-awaited return with a new studio album, Set in Stone. Tomorrow, however, we will be gifted with the record’s first single, “Smoke in a Bar.”

“Smoke in a Bar” was co-written by Jeremy Bussey, Derek George, and Tim Montana. Tritt even gave fans an early taste when he performed the song at the Grand Ole Opry. The song is without a doubt a perfect fit for Tritt’s style. Have a listen to him perform “Smoke in a Bar” at the Grand Ole Opry below:

The lyrics of the new Travis Tritt single take listeners back to a simpler time that many of us long for.

“Tim [Montana] sent this to me and as soon as I heard it, it just hit all the right buttons for me,” Tritt explains. “The thing I’ve heard more and more from fans and people inside the industry over the last few years is that people are hungry for the nostalgia of how the music of the nineties sounded and the general way of life in those days. Back when there didn’t seem to be so much division and confusion and uproar.”

Travis Tritt ‘Scaled Back’ Songwriting

Although Travis Tritt hasn’t released any new music in 13 years, he has still managed to stay busy with touring and singing his classic hits over the years. He averages approximately 130 shows per year.

And even though Tritt had stopped writing new music, the ideas never stopped popping into his head.

“I don’t think I ever really completely turned it off, but I definitely scaled it way, way back for the last 10 or 12 years,” Tritt said. “We were focused on just going out and doing the best live show that we could possibly do.”

Meanwhile, the country star goes on to explain that he has two different modes — “writing mode” and “touring mode.”

“For me, it’s two totally different modes,” he says. “There’s touring mode, where you focus on the shows and setlists — how you’re going to change things around, which songs to drop, and which songs you’re gonna add. I get blinders on and when I’m in touring mode. It’s very hard for me to switch over and go back into writing mode.”

When you take that into consideration and see things from his point of view, it does make sense why we haven’t seen any new music from him. However, what matters now is that we are just mere hours away from a new Travis Tritt single. And we are only a couple of months out from the release of his brand new album.