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Travis Tritt Hangs with Family, Shows Off Father’s Day Presents in Sweet Thank You Post

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Travis Tritt shared on Instagram how he spent Father’s Day, and we’re not sure what he’s more excited about—his presents or his family. Within the post, the country star shared several photos, some with family and some with gifts. However, in each photo, Tritt seems to wear the same bright-eyed enthusiasm that only a loving and grateful father can have. Featured in the photos with him are his children, Tyler Reese (23), Tristan James (21) and Tarian Nathaniel (17), as well as his wife, Theresa Nelson. The kids are a dead-split image of their mom and dad, all sharing his smile and her brown eyes.

Among the gifts that his family gave him, Tritt received a mug with his name written on it, a survival spear and some new clothes.

Travis Tritt Gives His Kids a Life Lesson

Now that Travis Tritt’s kids are becoming adults, they’ve begun to venture into their own career paths. For any parent, having the baby birds fly from the nest can be scary. However, the country star prepared with some fatherly advice.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Tritt recalled the guidance he regularly gives his kids.

“I tell them to ‘live your life’ and ‘do what makes you happy’ and ‘try to be a good person’ and ‘do the things that you know are right.’ And yes, I tell them to ‘try to avoid the things you know are wrong.’ Everyone is going to have opinions and that’s fine, but you don’t have to subscribe to their opinions. Live your own life.”

While Travis Tritt realized that his kids will lead their own lives, he was happy to report that his two oldest kids have shown interest in music.

“Tyler is a tremendously gifted singer and Tristan is coming into his own too… If he isn’t writing, he’s rehearsing or he’s producing or he’s handling his own bookings. It’s just great to watch and see this stuff happening for both of them.”

Because of the recent pandemic, the Tritt family spent more time together than usual lately. With the country star unable to travel, this meant more family bonding.

“Being able to constantly be around each other and experience life together at the same time and in the same place was the silver lining of the cloud of last year,” Tritt said.

While Tritt’s children will surely fly the coop some day, the father is happy that all three kids still live at home with mom and dad for now.

When that day does come, Travis Tritt seems sure that they will make it on their own—with dad’s advice, of course.